Frauen Regionalliga Süd

Freiburg , 9. Mai 2010, 6. Turnier, Spielbericht: Richard Zuurbier


München RFC  -  RC Stuttgart  10:20

The first  game was against Stuttgarter RC. A great team performance resulted in a narrow defeat, in fact with a little more luck and improved tackling technique (tacking round the legs, not the upper body) the game could easily have been won. Highlights of the game were the aggressive ball winning of Alice and the support play of Ana. In fact only some good tackling by Stuttgart resulted in Ana only scoring one (her debut) try. The final score was officially 10-20. A good effort as we only actually scored 1 try. One for the Teamgeist. A terrific effort by all.

München RFC  -  SG Heilbronn/SCN  05:24

The less said the better about the second game against SG Heilbronn/SCN. The team completely switched off (including the coach) and we not prepared for the game. All the good points from the previous games were missing. No aggression, no tackling and everyone playing as individuals. The highlights were Kristina’s try and the tackling of Ana.

München RFC  -  WRC Innsbruck  05:31

The final game was against Innsbruck, who were definitely the best team we played. This time the team was much better prepared, which was reflected in a much better performance. Starting with great defense (although again the tackling was often too high), and a positive approach the team performed very well. For most of the game the team matched the much stronger Innsbruck team, Rafica scoring a really good team try. Still a loss, 5:31, but a positive way to end the day.

In general the Sonia, Michi, Alice and Stefany more than held their own in the scrum and Audrey in the line-outs worked really well. Both Kristina and Julia did a good job at scrum–half. The passing in the backs at times was really impressive and support very good. The team showed great spirit, typified by Heidy who wanted to play even with an injured shoulder. Clearly we need to work on our overall fitness and tackling technique but definitely a good day. The player of the day was Rafica, while Stephany won the Rookie award, but there were many other good contributors.
After a few beers (and Sekt), it was then time for the (very) long drive home.

Highlights of the day:
1. Ana’s try, after some confusion as to where the line was.
2. Audrey’s kicking (next time she might even connect with the ball)
3. Rafica talking in her sleep
4. Rafica waking up (finally)

The Heroines   
1 Sonia   
2 Michi   
3 Alice   
4 Stephany   
5 Kristina   
6 Julia   
7 Audrey   
8 Rafica   
9 Ana   
10 Heidy