2. Bundesliga Süd

Köln, 28. August 2010, Bericht: Owain Williams


ASV Köln : München RFC
05 : 05


At a wet and windy Köln Rugby Sportplatz, Munich arrive by train with plenty of motivation for their first game of the season. Having come second last year, we decided to set down a marker and start the season by winning and continuing to win.
Walking out onto the field Munich realised that this game was going to take all out ball skill, as the pitch resembled a cow pasture with the wet mud and long grass.
From kick off Munich started as they meant to go on with full commitment from all players. At every move by the opposition, one or more Munich players stepped up and staked a claim for 'The Hammer'.
After about 3 minutes of open play, Munich broke the Köln line after some flowing moves where both forwards and backs kept the ball alive - Some strong running and broken tackeles resulted in Lucas Marchi scoring in the corner. For the next quarter of the game, there was much midfield ball play and stubborn defense from both sides. Much of the game was played between the 22 yard lines of both halves, with commited play from Koln keeping Munich from scoring again. Towards the end of the half, Köln camped out on the Munich try line, and after a long period of pressure they managed to cross the Munich try line.
After half time, the weather got worse and we suffered hail and rain - this naturally had an effect on the game, but Munich continued with their fully committed play and several Köln players were substituted for wear and tear. From the lineouts there were good chances but the Munich 9 and 10 were caught several times by the Köln offence coming up fast with borderline offside decisions that unfortunately were not called. Towards the end of the half, Munich had a couple of chances that unfortunately we could not put away. The first one was the result of a call from the ref to stop the game when we had advantage and call us back for a Munich scrum. After further pressure we won another scrum on the Köln line, but a small indiscretion by one of our players resulted in the scrum lost and a penalty against Munich. From the kick Munich reclaimed the ball, but were unable to apply any more scoring pressure. Thus the game ended 5-5 after 80 minutesof hard rugby in bad conditions.

Bilder von Harald Büttner: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1 Alex Loders
2 Martin Huber 
3 Quentin Degroote (ab 65.min Helmut Kraiger)
4 Owain Williams 
5 Guilherme Buff (Capt.)
6 Lucas Marchi
7 Kevin Briggs
8 Alan Moughty 
9 Xavier Mora
10 Joseph Bray
11 Bernhard Haugwitz (ab 75.min Gerriet Ehlers)
12 Henry Nagel 
13 Fionn Harnischfeger
14 Harald Büttner (ab 53.min Luca Farina)
15 Marcel Birrer

Versuch:  Lucas Marchi

Zeitungsartikel: Münchner Merkur, 31.08.2010