2. Bundesliga Süd

München, 2. Oktober 2010, Bericht: Alan Moughty


München RFC : TV Pforzheim

14 : 52


Pforzheim came to Munich on the back of 4 very big wins, and even though the score line showed they recorded the 5th big win, the game itself was a lot closer. Munich had a very simple game plan, which was 'keep the ball, don't let them have it '. and for the first 20 minutes this was done perfectly and the only scoring chance been a penalty for Munich which was missed (0/1 Hensel ).
Then the mistakes came into play, poor execution and decisions lead to turnover ball which the back 3 from Pforzheim used to their full advantage. 0 - 21  half time.
In the 2nd half, Munich continued to give everything. They dominated the scrums and lineouts but failed to get their defensive alignment from kicks in place. Been reduced to 14 men, did not help their case that much either and the only score from the Pforzheim forwards coming during this period. The last 20 minutes of the game, Munich execution and pressure started to pay off,  with two quicke scores coming from Alan and Robbie. After which with Munich now chasing the bonus point the game really opened up and Pforzheim where able to enjoy this more so than Munich and gather 3 more tries.14 - 52  full-time. Overall Munich will take a lot more out of this game than Pforzheim and looks forward to the return leg in the coming months.

Man Of Match:  Robbie
Hammer: Xavier

Fotos von Harald Büttner: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1 Alex Loders (ab 55.min Quentin Degroote)
2 Simon Laurich
3 Michael Abt  ( ab 58.min Roger Hutchinson)
4 Daniel Llano Jimenez (ab 74.min Niklas Kattenbeck)
5 Guilherm Buff  
6 Moritz Paschke (ab 41.min Jerome Prieto)
7 Maxime Miget
8 Alan Moughty  
9 Robert Schuster (Capt.)  
10 Joseph Bray
11 Thomas Hensel (ab 11min Mazen Harb)
12 Xavier Mora
13 Jonathan Fuller
14 Marcel Birrer
15 Gerriet Ehlers

Versuche: Alan Moughty, Robert Schuster

Erhöhungen: Joseph Bray 2x