2. Bundesliga Süd

München, 16. Oktober 2010, Bericht: Henry Nagel


München RFC : RC Stusta München

36 : 3


The Munich derby is always an event. Both teams were at the pitch early to support the regional league.
The points started off with Thomas Hensel kicking 3 points replied then by Stusta kicking 3 Points. Hensel then put another five points down with a try. A missed chance for MRFC then with a knock on the line. The next try was scored by Joseph Bray followed by Jon Fuller. Our Mr. 100 games Jerome Prieto manage to transform a failed out of field kick from stusta into his 98th try for Munich. And the final try was scored by our brazillian intercepter Guilherme le Buff from the 22 all the way in.
Man of the Match:  Michael Abt

Fotos: hier

Fotos von Harald Büttner: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1 Alex Loders   
2 Simon Laurich (ab 15.min Roger Hutchinson)
3 Michael Abt    
4 Daniel Llano Jimenez    
5 Guilherme Buff   
6 Jerome Prieto (ab 78.min Caspar Hasner) 
7 Max Miget   
8 Kevin Briggs (ab 66.min Moritz Paschke)
9 Robert Schuster (Capt.)     
10 Joseph Bray (ab 76.min Alexander Charlton) 
11 Thomas Hensel (ab 73.min Xavier Mora)
12 Henry Nagel    
13 Fionn Harnischfeger    
14 Marcel Birrer (ab 73.min Harald Büttner)
15 Jonathan Fuller 

Versuche: Thomas Hensel, Joseph Bray, Jonathan Fuller, Jerome Prieto, Guilherme Buff

Penalties: Thomas Hensel 3x

Erhöhung: Joseph Bray

Zeitunsartikel vom Münchner Merkur, 18.10.2010



Zeitunsartikel von der Süddeutschen Zeitung, 18.10.2010