2. Bundesliga Süd

Luxemburg, 26. Februar 2011, Bericht: Adrien Codron


RC Luxemburg : München RFC
13 : 6

After a long winter break, the championship starts again against Luxembourg. It’s not a easy first game for Munich. Luxembourg is undefeated at home and it had only conceded only 19 points and 102 points scored in 3 games. The weather was good but the pitch was greasy and slush. The level of the team was messy and irregular in all sectors (line outs, scrums, kicks, game of backline…) reflecting a lack of speed in the game, of freshness and from marks. That is completely normal after a long break. The possession of the ball was balanced but not the territory which was for Luxembourg. However, the score was closed, 6-3 at the half-time to Luxembourg. Then 6-6 after a penalty succeeds by Xavier. The bend of the game was the red card for a player of Luxembourg at the 65th minutes. Indeed, the opposite team was very physical and dirty. Later this event, Luxembourg scored a try after another turn-over. The score will not change. And Luxembourg won the game.

Top: The percussion of Quentin.
The good delivery of Xavier

The delivery of the referee.

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1 Alex Loders
2 Martin Huber
3 Quentin Degroote (ab 50.min Roger Hutchinson)
4 Owain Williams
5 Niklas Kattenbeck (ab 50.min Daniel Llano Jimenez)
6 Kevin Briggs ( ab 65.min Pedro Guiterrez)
7 Lucas Marchi ( ab 50.min Constantin Kuhl)
8 Alan Moughty
9 Robert Schuster (Capt.)
10 Adrien Codron
11 Mazen Harb
12 Henry Nagel
13 Fionn Harnischfeger
14 Marcel Birrer
15 Xavier Mora

Penalties: Xavier Mora 2x