2. Bundesliga Süd

München, 09. April 2011, Bericht: Kevin Briggs


München RFC : RC Luxemburg
17 : 18

Munich played luxembourg at home on a perfect sunny day. Before kitting up for the game the Irish and Welch with help from Brazil applied sunscream to eath other in what was to be a physical game.
From the kick off both teams tried to assert their dominance over the game. Munich through their powerful front row dominated the scrums while Luxembourg through their number 10 made valuable meters out wide. 1st points went to Munich with Thomas Hensel kicking a penalty however Luxembourg were quick to respond with a try down the wing.
A perfectly weighted kick by the inform flyhalf, thanks to his new mouth guard, put Luxembourg on the defence and a great chase by the munich back line allowed Thomas to pick the ball up off the ground with dog like agility, he then outpaced the wingers to score next to the posts, much to the admiration of Lennox. Once again Luxembourg not to be outdone made good use of the width and scored down the wing again in quick response. Munich’s 2nd try came from the freshly shaven Captain who saw a gap behind the Luxembourg defensive line and put in a box kick. Fionn determined not to be shown up again by Thomas jumped over the defensive line to catch the kick on the full and raced to the try line to score and put Munich ahead. Just before fulltime Munich dropped their guard and for his man of the match performance, the Luxembourg winger went over in the corner to put Luxembourg ahead by 1. A quick kick off was taken however Luxembourg were able to regather and put the ball out of play to seal their victory.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1 Quentin Degroote (ab 70.min Daniel Llano Jimenez)
2 Alex Loders (ab 50.min Jerome Prieto)
3 Michael Abt
4 Owain Williams     
5 Niklas Kattenbeck
6 Phillip Mack (ab 35.min Sebastian Rietz)
7 Guilherme Buff  
8 Alan Moughty
9 Robert Schuster (Capt.)    
10 Xavier Mora (ab 75.min Alex Charlton)
11 Adrien Codron
12 Thomas Hensel (ab 36.min Mazen Harb)
13 Fionn Harnischfeger  
14 Paul Gebhard
15 Marcel Birrer

Versuche: Fionn Harnischfeger, Thomas Hensel

Erhöungen: Thomas Hensel 2x

Penalty: Thomas Hensel