Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 16. April 2011, Bericht: Roderick Riquier


München RFC II : RFC Augsburg
21 : 54

The MRFC’s second team played at home against the RFC Augsburg in the afternoon of 16.04.11.  It was without most of their forwards that the Munich team entered the pitch with yet great motivation to play well against Augsburg. It was within the first minutes of the game that Munich suffered their first injury (Christophe Bertinatto, replaced by Arnaud Van der Bosche) and the weight differences of our forwards to those of Augsburg led to Augsburg taking the lead very rapidly. However within the first half of the game a clear change was noticed in Munich’s defense. The forwards were making great defensive and offensive plays, while the backs showed great improvements in their defense. Communication could be heard between Munich’s backs and as the clock moved in the first half, Munich’s defense was growing better. As the ref whistled the halftime Augsburg was leading 32-0. Changes were made during the halftime as Martin and Dennis Chang replaced Georg Messerer and Florian Berthold. Re-motivated by their coaches Munich entered the pitch still not ready to give up. Within the second half the freshly replaced Dennis Chang and Sandro Tschaidse made the difference against Augsburg’s defense with their footwork. Dennis’ effort boosted Munich’s determination and motivation as the backs were defending in a line and making good tackles. Simon Laurich and Tautuki Choice were pushing the forwards by making some impressive tackles, low and effective. The second half of the game was a good half for Munich who scored another two tries. Munich who is momentarily suffering from a lack of players has called “la Vielle Garde” with “Chippy” entering the field in the second half to bring in his experience and motivation. Munich’s second team will remember from this game that their Forwards even out-weighted will never give up the fight, their Backs can adapt to new situations (Richard Zuurbier was scrum half on this day for the first time with these Backs), they can defend well and follow the lead of Sandro Tschaidse and Dennis Chang’s footwork to make the difference as a 15 man team in their next game. 

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1 Stefan Feichtinger (ab 50.min Harald Büttner)
2 Leslie Cole
3 Simon Laurich
4 Benjamin Draffin
5 Christopher Sheldon (ab 70.min Heinz-Jürgen Seip)
6 Georg Messerer (ab 41.min Martin)
7 Cohoice Tautuki
8 Christopher Bertinatto (ab 2.min Arnaud van der Bosche)
9 Richard Zuurbier
10 Sandro Tschaidse     
11 Roderick Riquier
12 Sebastian Riedmüller
13 Florian Berthold (ab 41.min Dennis Chang)
14 FlorLukas Hertle
15 Luca Farina

Versuche: Harald Büttner, Denis Chang, Sandro Tschaidse

Erhöhungen: Luca Farina 3x