Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 30. April 2011, Bericht: Francis Soualle


München RFC II : TV Memmingen
31 : 34

With a temperature approaching the 20° and an opponent team from Memmingen showing their willingness to defend any centimetre of ground, it was already, right from the beginning that a tough game would take place today in Grosshadern. After 5 minutes, a rapid opening from Munich Scrum Half, Caeil, to the back line gave to the outer centre, Dennis, all the best conditions to break through the defence an perform a “single-man” try which brought confidence to the Munich’s team. At the 25th minutes, a second try from Dennis enabled Munich to take a solid advantage in the score. Nevertheless, Memmingen still continue to keep on track by scoring two penalties conceded by the Munich’s team. During the first half time, the Munich scrums and rocks stayed solid, especially thanks to the commitment of the Veteran’s players, Marc and Christophe who succeeded to always keep control.This good control of the Munich’s pack could be concretised by a try performed by Matthias, after a move starting from a line-out, 5 meter from the Memmingen try line. The score of the first half time stopped with 19 to 6 which could augur a positive result for the end of the game for Munich’s team. Due to a possible excess of self-confidence from Munich side and also the change of the experienced players like the prop Marc, Memmingen’s team wanted to prove that the final score was far to be already decided in the middle of this game. First warnings came from the perforation of Memmingen’s second through many Munich’s defenders. Fortunately, our Italian sunny boy, Lucas, succeeded to stop this offensive wave. This first alert was rapidly followed by another one, in the form of a smart up-and-down kick from Memmingen’s fly half which was successfully followed by his team mates: a debatable race between Munich’s full back, Lucas, and Memmingen’s winger ended by a try, rapidly converted. Unfortunately this warning has not been considered seriously by the Munich’s team who conceded again three tries during similar scenarios from Memmingen’s team. A clear fall of concentration could be noticed in Munich’s rows. Only during the last 15 minutes, Munich succeeded to wake up again, especially after a rapid action from the back lines, which ended with a beautiful try from Dennis, the irreplaceable first centre. A last try from Caeil, after a tough work of the forward team during 5 consecutive rocks could not be converted and reduced the score difference between Memmingen and Munich. The game ended with 3 points difference: 34 to 31 at advantage of the invited team.
This game showed the potential of Munich teams, but also showed how the “wind direction” can rapidly change when attention and concentration is not paid during the entire 80 minutes of the game! A big thanks to all players, and especially to JP who fought up to the last minutes giving his last pieces of strength (almost falling in a comate at the end of the game) and the young German winger Lucas who made courageous tackles, during dangerous frontal shocks.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1 Marc Sijbers (ab 48.min Simon Laurich)
2 Martin Huber 
3 Christian Spielbauer 
4 Matthias Backes 
5 Christophe Bertinatto (ab 51.min Maximilian Steffen)
6 Tautuki Choice (ab 73.min Julian Nguyen)
7 Jean Philippe Techer 
8 Constantin Kuhl 
9 Caiel Harnischfeger (Capt.) 
10 Sandro Tschaidse  
11 Lukas Hertle (ab 41.min Harald Büttner)
12 Sebastian Riedmüller 
13 Dennis Chang 
14 Florian Berthold (ab 63.min Roderick Riquier)
15 Lucas Farina

Versuche: Denis Chang 3x, Matthias Backes, Caiel Harnischfeger
Erhöhungen: Luca Farina 3x