2. Bundesliga Süd

München, 30. April 2011, Bericht: Xavier Mora


München RFC : Heidelberger RK II
36 : 22

On a very sunny Saturday afternoon the first team of MRFC was facing HRK II.
After 5 games without victories, the Munich boys wanted to win on their pitch and offer their supporters a reason to celebrate and enjoy their Saturday afternoon.
After a quick penalty from Thomas Hensel, the Munich boys started the game in on eof the best ways. HRK’s left-winger was showing his speed and steps but was stopped two times in the first 25 minutes by Paul, and the Swiss tackling machine Marcel Birrer.Paul Gebhard was at the conclusion of the first try from Munich after two attempts from Alan Moughty to score his 80th try in Bundesliga, but was pushed back by the green squad. On his second attempt, the ball was quickly given to Quickie ( Quentin Degroote) who passed it quickly to the end, where Paul just had to score, being careful not to get his head taken away by his opponent who wanted to protect his line. Pushed by that first try, Guilherme Buff (also known as Billinho ) managed to passed through the opposition in succession of charges and supports from the forwards to bring once again the ball over the score line. Which fueled even more energy to the poor Alex Loders who got injured in the beginning of the game, but stayed on the pitch, supported in his efforts by the experienced Pedro Gutierrez, Munich’s number 8 that day. At 16 to 3 the Munich boys started to be confident, and the backs defensive line lacked of concentration and missed few important tackles. HRK took their chance and started to counter attack using the speed and the power of their backs to eventually take the lead 17 to 16 after half time.
The last 40 minutes were going to be for Munich that were leaded by their forwards who were fighting for every ball and counter rucking as much as they could. Sebastian Rietz, later voted Man of the Match paired with Philipp Mack were tackling anybody trying to pass the advantage line while Daniel Llano Jimenez was pushing every maul with the energy of a raging bull. Around the 60th minute, and after some penalties from Thomas Hensel, Munich realized a perfect “rugby school” move with a first ruck after a line out, then captain Robert Schuster passed it to Xavier Mora who just had to pop it on his inside shoulder for a Fionn Harnischfeger faster than ever who resisted to 5 opponents before scoring the third try for MRFC ( the second one for the Harnischfeger clan that day ).
Thomas converted the try easily. HRK eventually scored another try on a countered kick, but the young Adrien Codron sealed the deal with a last try on the left wing and spectators said that they could see Henry Nagel’s style in that try… maybe it was the boots! First to celebrate with him was last game man of the match Mazen Harb, probably because he was already excited about the celebration after the victory thinking about the taste of a fresh beer after running in the sun on that sunny afternoon. Players said after the game that Roberts Schuster’s speech on Friday training was in their mind the entire game, and Kevin Briggs recommendations were executed well.
As Rory Donoghue commented, now that the players have had again that sweet taste of victory, they will have to push very hard to stay on the same line of results for the next three games. Helmut Kraiger, MRFC president was confident about the end of the season, and even if it looks like MRFC will not be invited for the Heineken Cup in 2011-12, all the players should work hard until the last game of the season.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1 Alex Loders
2 Alan Moughty
3 Quentin Degroote
4 Daniel Llano Jimenez   
5 Guilherme Buff  
6 Philipp Mack 
7 Sebastian Rietz
8 Pedro Gutierrez
9 Robert Schuster (Capt.)    
10 Xavier Mora
11 Paul Gebhard (ab 41.min Mazen Harb)
12 Thomas Hensel
13 Fionn Harnischfeger  
14 Adrien Codron
15 Marcel Birrer

Versuche: Paul Gebhard, Guilherme Buff, Fionn Harnischfeger, Adrien Codron

Erhöhungen: Thomas Hensel 2x

Penalties: Thomas Hensel 4x