Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Illesheim, 14. Mai 2011, Bericht: Arnaud van den Bossche


RFC Illesheim : München RFC II
41 : 17


All started pretty early at the main train station under heavy rain and, after a gentle journey, we arrived at the US Army field of Illesheim RFC under a very nice sunshine but a strong wind. After a nice and easy warm-up the game started … and it was not nice anymore. Munich was lacking forwards and 4 backs took the front line … we were missing some weight. Also the opponent team was playing a very physical game that we were probably not prepared to face. We were disorganized, talking too much and not playing as per our game plan. Despite Caiel and Roger speeches to put us back on the game, we were facing a very strong opponent. These guys were fit, running fast, tackling hard. We were losing the ball, they were running the ball, they were scoring tries. Probably we feared their physical intensity. And then, unfortunately, after 20mn Lukas and Roderick to get off the field. Lucas went to the hospital for a double fracture of the collar bone, Roderick for a stiff neck. Henry and Christopher took their places. Then Tooks made one of his classical tackle with his back … yellow card. After 30mn, Johannes went on the field to replace Arnaud for a bad leg.Half time … 36-0, no subs anymore … and Caiel could not walk, bad ankle. Arnaud had to return on the battle field. Again Roger gave us a true leader speech, let’s get back to our basis and game plan. A new game started for the MRFC: Set 1, set 2, backs ball … penalty conceded by the opponents … Lucas kicking to the touch line … set 1, set 2, backs ball … penalty conceded … Lucas kicking to the touch line. And again, and again. If we lose the ball, we were defending high, they could not get speed, they were conceding a penalty … Lucas kicking to the touch line … set 1, set 2, Back’s ball. We were building slowly our composure back, steps by steps and … we scored. Martin made the 1st one … his very 1st try!!! Congratulations!!!! The 2nd one came from Michael and the 3rd one from Roger. All these tries came from the MRFC playing as a team, playing the game plan, making the tackles, kicking …We won the 2nd half, 5-17.Final score Illesheim RFC 41-17 MRFC II.
The receiving team offered a nice BBQ with plenty of food and beer … well deserved. And we won the 2nd trophy: the boat race. Back home … but this is not the end … it happens that in the gentle journey back, 1 of our player, or may-be 2, got locked in the toilets of the train. The Fire department had to smash the toilet door to free them. Then the Police came to check what happened. All the passengers (our team included) missed the connections … back in Munich at midnight. I would love to disclose the names of the trapped guys but I will let them reveal their identity, so I found an excuse for them: we are not allowed to disclose the names until the Police Department and Fire Department release their full report. Player of the Day: Martin for several huge tackles and big saves on our try lineHammer of the Day: Tooks for his well known tackling technique Lukas, we all wish you a fast recovery. Get back soon!!!

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1 Christian Spielbauer
2 Martin Huber
3 Roger Hutchinson
4 Richard Schuster
5 Matthias Backes
6 Florian Berthold
7 Harald Büttner
8 Tautuki Choice
9 Caiel Harnischfeger (Capt.)
10 Luca Farina
11 Roderick Riquier (ab 20.min Christopher Sheldon)
12 Sebastian Riedmüller
13 Michael Ruhdorfer
14 Lukas Hertle (ab 20.min Henry Pötzl)
15 Arnoud van den Bosche (ab 30. Johannes Henrich)

Versuche: Martin Huber, Michael Ruhdorfer, Roger Hutchinson

Erhöhung: Luca Farina