Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 17. September 2011, Bericht: Xavier Orignac


München RFC II : RC Regensburg
7 : 32

The year 2011 will be remembered for two major events: Osama Bin Laden was killed and the MRFC II players opened the Bayern Regionalliga season by playing against the previous Bavarian champion – Regensburg. But although Osama’s death was witnessed by only a bunch of American special forces, the first game of the season took place under the scrutiny of a wide audience, enjoying the warm sunny weather. After the usual recommendations of the referee to the teams, the ball was kicked off at noon. The two opponents balanced their skills for the first 15 min, so that the score remained at 00:00. A slightly over-enthusiastic MRFC player got a yellow card for tackling too soon. He was heavily congratulated by some of the old chaps of the MRFC who never got this chance in more than a decade of playing. Regensburg could not let MRFC take the lead, however, and happily obtained a yellow card as well a few minutes later. They carried on with good offensive arguments and, despite a powerful MRFC scrum, ended up the first half time with a 14:07 lead. The second half-time saw the same stereotyped story repeating itself: although MRFC was defending high and exhibited a dominating scrum, they could not cope with the Regensburg attacking power, despite support of (not so) fresh substitutes. Two big guys of the two opposing teams took advantage of a ruck to show how they did care for each other. The ceremony ended up on the spot with a hand shake under the auspices of the excellent Spanish referee. As for the game, Regensburg deserved its final 32:07 victory.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Alex Lomakin
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Matthias Backes
4. Paul Tschöll
5. Felix Herz
6. Florian Berthold
7 Johannes Herbst  (ab 41min Herbert Linhardt)
8. Constantin Kuhl (ab 50 min Karsten Konduktorow)
9. Matt van Rensburg
10. Sandro Tschaidse
11. Francis Soualle
12. Sebastian Riedmüller (ab 50 min Xavier Orignac)
13. Michael Ruhdorfer (ab 50 min Alessandro Cossu)
14. Henry Pötzl (ab 50 min Roderick Riquier)
15. Luca Farina (Capt.) (ab 50 min Arnaud Van den Bossche)

Versuch: Michael Ruhdorfer

Erhöhung: Luca Farina