Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Regensburg, 27. Oktober 2012, Bericht: Jerome Pommay


RC Regensburg 2000 : München RFC II
20 : 21

The 15 guys met in Hauptbahnof at 10:15 on that Saturday. We were all getting prepared for a really hard game with really bad weather conditions. It was freezing and snowing. In Regensburg, we had to wait for some players to join (Martin and Tooks) and for the jerseys (Pascal). Since it was so cold outside, we decide to let Francis lead the warm up in the changing room. After some weird warming up exercises, we went outside to begin training the different static phases of the game (Scrum, line out,...). The game began and from the beginning Munich was applying pressure on the forward of Regensburg, who conceded a penalty that Laurentiu transformed. 3-0 for Munich. The reaction of Regensburg was immediate and after some pick and go action, they scored a try in the corner. Martin took the responsibility of this lack of defense. Regensburg Nr 10 couldn't transform the try. 5 - 3 to Regensburg. The game began to balance, and both teams couldn't take advantage of the other. After some backs action, a ruck was formed 40 meters from the Regensburg try line, nearly in the middle of the pitch. Martin and Jerome saw then a space in Regensburg defense on the right side and decided to use it. Francis made a pass to Jerome who could fix 2 defenders and offload to Martin Baumeister who jumped behind the try line. Laurentiu couldn't transform that try. But Munich began seriously to think that they had chances to win that game. 8 - 5 for Munich. During this half, both teams were applying pressure on the other. But Munich forwards were well organized and surmotivated. Example: After a line out, Munich formed a maul and succeeded to push on 25 meters without being stopped. What we trained with Billinho paid off. However, Regensburg could transform a penalty and Munich was finishing the first half with 14 players, because of a "bisou" that Martin did to his opponent. 8 - 8. Laurentiu could pass another penalty after a fault of the Regensburg forwards. 11 - 8 for Munich Unfortunately, we lost Michael Abt just before half time. His left ball was hurting badly and he couldn't play anymore. He was replaced by Owain, who entered the game as back row. Jerome took the place of Michael in the scrum to avoid the uncontested scrums. Just before half time, Munich applied a lot of pressure on Regensburg and played mostly with long phases of set 1, set 2. That finally paid off when Owain crossed the try line pushed by half of the Munich forward. Laurentiu could transform the try. Munich took the lead with 18 - 8. After the famous, "0-0" coming from KC. The second half began. From the beginning, Regensburg was applying pressure on Munich. The defense of Munich was holding. Everyone of the Munich player was putting hard tackles and was trying to counter-rocking. However, Regensburg succeeded to score a try after several pick and go. That try wasn't transformed. 18 - 13. The match began to be really hard. Munich didn't want to let the win go and was defending hardly. Regensburg didn't want to lose at home and were throwing all their energy in attack to come back in lead. Laurentiu's boots penalized once again a Regensburg fault. 21 - 13. MRFC was on his try line for the last 5 minutes of the game and finally conceeded a try in the last minute. Regensburg Nr.10 could transform it, but Munich was already jumping and screaming.
Final score: 21 - 20. First win of the season for the Munich 2nd XV. A win against the 1st team of the league on their pitch.

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Michael Abt (ab 38.min Owain Williams)
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Martin Baumeister
4. Julien Durbise
5. Christoph Bertinatto
6. Jerome Pommay
7. Tautuki Choice
8. Sebastian Ritz
9. Francis Soualle (ab 61.mib Roderick Riquier)
10. Arnaud van den Bossche
11. Laurentio Trifas
12. Antoine Ducardonnet
13. Jakob Schrörs
14. Nikolas Graf
15. Luc Desaunnettes

Versuche: Owain Williams, Martin Baumeister

Erhöhung: Laurentio Trifas

Penalties: Laurentio Trifas 3x