Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 11. Mai 2013, Bericht: Roderick Riquier


München RFC II : RC Stusta München II

11 : 3

As the players of the MRFC II team woke up and saw the rainy weather, they knew that this saturday's game would be tough. The players all meet up before the game and you could already feel how highly motivated and concentrated the players were at the pre-game warmup. Not a single word noise could be heard as the coach gave his last instructions. The MRFC team that walked out of the changing room onto their home pitch, was determined to win the derby against StuSta. 13:00 the ref's whistle blew, the ball was kicked, and the derby started. In the first minutes of the game, the players realised how slippery the pitch was, the grass was freshy cut and the rain would not stop. The forwards knew they were in for a long game on this pitch, and the backs knew that sidesteps were going to be near impossible under in such conditions. First penalty against MRFC and StuSta opened the scoreboard (0-3). It was not long after that the MRFC was given a penalty, Gaspard Chalabreysse kicked and the score was 3-3. In he following minutes the MRFC forwards showed great heart and skills lead by their captain Philipp Mack, putting a lot of pressure onto the StuSta, the MRFC quickly reached their opponent's 22m.The forwards kept the pressure, and next thing you know scrum half Adrien Planes makes a long right pass to the wing Roderick Riquier who caught the ball and dived into the try-zone, scoring his first try for the MRFC (8-3). MRFC was leading and another penalty for munich gave them a 9pt lead (11-3), however the StuSta team was not giving up and the last 15 minutes of the first half was played on the MRFC side. The MRFC defense was tested but the players stayed strong and the halftime whistle blew with the same score of 11-3. The coach gave clear instructions at the halftime: keep out of our half and tackle hard.
the second half started and Arnaud Van den Bossche, Philipp Mack, and Adrien Planes applied the coaches orders, making big and spectacular tackles. The MRFC scrum kept giving their best against a very strong StuSta scrum which put the MRFC scrum half under pressure. MRFC was taking the advantage when they kept the possession of the ball but were not able to finalise their actions. As both teams were battling hard on the slippery pitch and no points were scored, the „Derby“ tension could be felt. During the last 10 minutes of the game StuSta kept attacking MRFC’s 22’s, but cheered up by the boys from the 1st team, the MRFC women and the supporters, the team stayed strong and did not let the StuSta find solutions to their attacks. The Game ended with a score of 11-3 for the MRFC.

With this home victory, the MRFC II is now on a 4 win streak and only 3 points have been scored against them in the last 3 games. MRFC II is slowly climbing this season’s rankings, and are determined to keep these successes coming.

Man of the Match: Rodérick Riquier
Hammer of the Match: Arnaud Van Den Bossche

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Rudolf Danner (ab 49.min Simon Laurich)
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Sebastian Boche (ab 60.min Jean-Philipp Techer)
4. Karl Wolf
5. Thomas Magerl (ab 41.min Tom Grealish)
6. Antoine Ducardonnet
7. Tautuki Choice
8. Philipp Mack
9. Adrian Planes
10. Arnaud van den Bossche (ab 50.min Francis Soualle)
11. Roderick Riguier
12. Bart Vanheuverzwijn (ab 55.min Niklas Graf)
13. Julian Köhnlein (ab 65.min Benedikt von Thüngen)
14. Paul Moressey (ab 41.min Bertrand Schröder)
15. Gaspard Chalabreysse

Versuch: Roderick Riguier

Penalties: Gaspard Chalabreysse 2x