Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Augsburg, 25. Mai 2013, Bericht: Maxime Gelly


RFC Augsburg : München RFC II

13 : 15

In this cold and rainy day 15th of May 2013. The MRFC regionnalliga team moves to Augsburg seeking its fifth consecutive victory and possibly a fourth game without taking tries against them. The MRFC started well their game using their classics: a strong defense on the edge of the off-side line and alternating forward game and backs line attacks. Already after a few minutes the  Score was of 3/0 by the boot of  flyhalf Felix! The MRFC was holding their game well in hand when the fullback Chalabreysse under pressure by the opposing defense missed a kick that landed into the arms of Ausgburg’s winger who ran straight to the try line. 5/3 for Augsburg, conversion missed. Then followed a rather strong game with handlings error from both teams and a succession of scrums. Game area dominated by the MRFC and their big forwards. MRFC also took advantage of the bad kicker of Augsburg who spent more time kicking penalties below the bar insead of above. The teams went to the locker room with a score of 5/3 for the locals. The second half began with the same time drifts as the end of the first period. Augsburg took the opportunity to register a new penalty kick 8/3. The MRFC was under pressure and Augsburg begins to try to trick the visitors playing a rugby from the last century. When hooker of MRFC was high tackled by the green and white #14 at the neck, the winger literally assaulted the number 2 of the Bavarian capital. Followed a brawl, we will avoid going into all details here... Result 2 yellow cards for #2 of MRFC and #14 Augsburg. During the absence of the Augsburg players took the opportunity to score a new try after a  succession of pick and go. The return of the excluded and after some good coaching up our coach, mrfc took again the advangtage with Gaspard Chalabreysse scoring after a series of hand games with a „Toulousaine style“. The MRFC was only 3 points away, 13/10. Augsburg gradually let go of the game,  and let MRFC focus their game with their forward game allowing his center Tobias Lefherz  to score his first try for the blue and white of the MRFC. 15/13. MRFC stayed strong untilt he final whisle, not letting anything pass through the iron wall of the MRFC. Munich won the match 15 to 13 and can still hope to gain the second place in the Regional ligua. Next game will be on June 22 against  Unterfoehring in Großhadern, and the boys from the MRFC team are very motivated to earn their 6th consecutive victory then.

Man of the match: Gaspard Chalabreysse
Hammer: Niklas Graf

Fotos: hier (von RFC Augsburg)

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Rudolf Danner
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Ramon Tarragogallart (ab 65.min Michel Bonetti)
4. Karl Wolf (ab 60.min Thomas Magerl)
5. Antoine Ducardonnet
6. Jean-Philipp Techer (ab 41.min Etienne Perrier)
7. Tautuki Choice
8. Tom Grealish
9. Francis Soualle
10. Felix Mann
11. Luc Dessaunettes (ab 60.min Tobias Lefherz)
12. Niklas Graf (ab 70.min Cyril Joer)
13. Julian Köhnlein (ab 41.min Benedikt von Thüngen)
14. Roderick Riguier (ab 70.min Leo Taylor)
15. Gaspard Chalabreysse

Versuch: Gaspard Chalabreysse, Tobias Lefherz

Erhöhung: Felix Mann

Penalty: Felix Mann