Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Würzburg, 21. September 2013, Bericht: Adrien Planes


Würzburger RK : München RFC II

00 : 42

That's Regionalliga! " - They are where the toilet? - Wagon 12! No, I'm kidding, here are none ... "
Never has the " Dick of the day " been unanimously voted in so little time ... Roderick R., the lucky winner, did not even need to take the field to earn the prestigious title. The reason for his success: an appointment early morning at the Hauptbahnhof, which eventually turned into an improvised carpool at around 11am towards Würzburg...
Three hours later, the four requisitioned cars speed up the last turns to finally reach the top of the small hill of Würzburg where the field ... and ONLY the field is located. No changing-rooms, no showers, no toilets! So, 10 minutes from kick-off, MRFC’s hinge is still missing for the warm-up. The latter was still busy “hiding” in the wildlife and potato field…
The WRK12 had already been warming up since our arrival. Newcomer in the championship the WRK club has in its ranks only very few expatriates from the territories of rugby. Their team consists - and this is all merit - mainly of indigenous, more or less novices, who are fighting for nearly two years to develop our beautiful sport in their suburban region. As we send them our sincere congratulations! The MRFC meanwhile, a little too proud and confident to be on already conquered territory - like a dog that has to mark his territory (relative to the hinge in the potato field) - will quickly believe that individual achievements will be enough to win the game. Result: no more cohesion, “hallelujah” passes, knock-ons , chased kicks placed in the back of the wings, and only 13-0 at half- time for 80% of possession! ... Note also that brilliant penalty kick from our number 9 which never found the sideline. The leather went all the way to die after the dead ball line. The loosened kick of the century. Supporters laughing . A player left on his own. Shame. Thus, as punishment, the story does not pay tribute to the achievements of MRFC. We will only say that seven tries were eventually scored into the try-zone of  Wurzburg, but it was painful. Relativizing this poor performance by saying that the best technical back gesture still going to the ¾ center of Würzburg who managed the improbable feat of committing a knock on with a foot in touch, all in an offside position ...
In conclusion, the level of play was reflecting the image of standing of the local infrastructure: desperately poor. But that's also the Regionalliga! From the outside one might initially think it's disgusting. Then from the inside, it is confirmed. But in the end, we still had a lot of fun!

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Rudi Danner
2. Constantin Kuhl
3. Ramon Tarrago
4. Brandon Wagstaff (ab 60.min Lois Begue)
5. Pablo Puyalto
6. Jean-Philipp Techer (ab 65.min Laurenz Krüger)
7. Christophe Bertinatto (Capt.)
8. Jack Boxall
9. Adrien Planès
10. Arnaud Van den Bossche
11. Roderick Riquier (ab 60.min Jakob Burwood)
12. Niklas Graf
13. Tobias Lefherz
14. Laurentiu-Nicolae Trifas
15. Julian Köhnlein (ab 41.min Francis Soualle)

Versuche: Jack Boxall, Ramon Tarrago, Pablo Puyalto, Laurenz Krüger, Tobias Lefherz, Adrien Planes, Larentiu Trifas

Conversion: Adrien Planes, Larentiu Trifas

Penalty: Adrien Planes