Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 19. Oktober 2013, Bericht: Jerome Pommay


München RFC II : RC Unterföhring/TUS Fürstenfeldbruck

32 : 18

After the game lost in Memmingen the previous week, every player of the MRFC II wanted to play a much better rugby and defend their home pitch. That match against the RC Unterfoehring was gonna be a perfect test. The wether was also perfect with a sunny afternoon. After a short warming up and a motivation speech hold by trainer Lois and Captain Christophe, the match began. From the beginning, both teams showed good ball handling but no one could score. RCU could show some good backs move with their number 13 who was creating some problems to the MRFC back line. On the other hand, MRFC forwards were dominating the scrums and the rucks. The first points were scored by the MRFC . First with a penalty successfully transformed by NZ Jack and a try also scored and transformed by NZ Jack. RCU reacted immediatly by scoring 2 similar tries coming from the back lines. The game proposed by RCU was simple but missed tackle on MRFC side were offering those tries to RCU. The end of the 1st half was balanced between both teams. MRFC scored a last try through a magnificient interception from « LA VIEILLE ». That try was succesfully transformed by Jack.1st half score : MRFC 17 / RCU 10
During the half time, both trainer, Lois and Pascal, told the team that they were playing good rugby. That we need to make the tackles and that we need to move the ball quicker. The second half time began and RCU was applying pressure on the MRFC defense straight away. On a back move, RCU succeeded to score a try. MRFC didn ‘t wait long to react and scored a try with a so called « Cocotte » leaded by the « Rudy HULK ». MRFC was becoming unstoppable at that point of the game. Following this action, MRFC scored 2 other beautiful tries. One coming from a forward attacks and successfully ended by Jack once again. The other one coming after a beautiful move from the all the team and scored by our « catalonyan Best Ramon ». Another try could have been scored if Jerome would have make the pass which offered a try to the 6 players waiting for the ball…

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Sebastian Boche
2. Constantin Kuhl (ab 70.min Uwe Heiss)
3. Rudi Danner (ab 46.min Ramon Tarrago)
4. Christophe Bertinatto (Capt.)
5. Laurenz Krüger
6. Jean-Philipp Teicher (ab 60.min Lois Begue)
7. Jerome Prieto (ab 41.min Jerome Pommay)
8. Jack Boxall
9. Francis Soualle
10. Arnaud Van Den Bosche
11. Jakob Burwood (ab 70.min Xavier Orignac)
12. Niklas Graf
13. Karsten Konduktorow
14. Benjamin Draffin (ab 75.min Alessandro Cossu)
15. Roderick Riquier (ab 41.min Michel Bonetti)

Versuche: Jack Boxall 2x, Rudi Danner, Jerome Prieto, Roman Tarrago

Erhöhungen: Jack Boxall 2x

Penaltiy: Jack Boxall