Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 31. Mai 2014, Bericht: Michel Bonetti


München RFC II : RFC Augsburg

7 : 52

It was a great day to fight. The weather was good for a game and the public came in attendance. The teams were ready to engage, Augsburg with an astounding multiplicity of players and Munich, sadly, with a very limited amount of replacement players. Munich started the game putting pressure on his opponent pushing him into his 22 and maintaining the pressure for a while. Augsburg started to recover from the first hesitation and pushed back into Munich’s 22. After a fierce resistance of the defense and multiple pushes from Augsburg, the first try for Augsburg was made, following the ball’s exit from a ruck formed after another push back from Munich’s defense. Augsburg’s game took form in the first half with an astounding regularity, putting Munich’s pack to a hard work. Munich’s forwards conceded the ball to Augsburg in the line-outs several time, but kept a sturdy control of the scrums, allowing Munich to hold a minimum control of the ball. In a bold move on the left side, before the end of the first half, Munich managed to use a mistake in Augsburg’s defense to score the needed try to keep the team in the game, transformed for 2 more points. In the second half, Augsburg dominance left few opportunities to Munich to start a solid attack, but nevertheless the fight continued with several opportunities to the advantage of Munich, blocked by Augsburg’s defense. Several mistakes on Munich’s side allowed Augsburg to make several tries, blackened by the lack of transformation success from their kickers.Munich did put a brave fight against a solid and superior adversary, the pack fighting hard to the end, with quite no injuries. But finally the result was clearly in favor of Augsburg, confirming their ranking in the Regional Liga. Player’s presence in numbers was the main issue for Munich, not allowing them the needed respite for such a tough game. The 7-52 result speaks for himself.

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Guilherme Buff
2. Uwe Heiss (ab 50.min Lois Bergue)
3. Ramon Tarrago
4. Christoph Bertinatto
5. Leon Kudjeski
6. Antoine Miguet
7. Nicolai Halfer
8. Tautuki Choice
9. Francis Soualle
10. Arnoud van den Bosche
11. Alesandro Cossu (ab 17.min Charles Carbon)
12. Giacomo Bernobi
13. Niklas Graf
14. Michael Bonetti
15. Alexandre Schranz

Versuch: Giacomo Bernobi

Erhöhung: Giacomo Bernobi