Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Augsburg, 13. September 2014, Bericht: Arnoud van den Bossche


RFC Augsburg : München RFC II
78 : 0

All started very well for our 1st game of the 2014/2015 season with a nice sunny (as much as this summer could be) day in Augsburg. We travelled with a “full” squad of … 13 players (unfortunately the members who played for the 1st team are not allowed to play for the 2nd team during 2 consecutive games, rule which creates some orphans and diminish the team2 from critical players). Anyway, we were all there in front of the #1 team of the Regionalliga with a new team and 3 players for whom it was the 1st game with the MRFC … but they were young!!!! The opposition came with their full and best possible squad and honored us accepting the challenge to play against the MRFC2 despite our low number. After the traditional warm-up and the very good speech from our Captain Konsti, the game started with a very early try from the opponents, a big, fat and fast forward just ran across our defense line. The game could not start worst than that … but the team reacted very well and kept its composition.  Augsburg Forwards thought that they could run over us just by their power and so decided to challenge us directly. This was very a bad calculation as our Forwards and Backs resisted very well to all their power runs despite the fact that our Squad was much less heavy. We managed to stop most of the frontal attacks with some very nice “bucket” defenses. Half time came and the score was 37-0. The 2nd half time was in the exact same spirit from the MRFC, a brilliant defense, all the team tackling hard, pushing hard and not letting any Forwards from Augsburg to go through, putting their bodies in rage against the opponents and stopping 2 tries on the try-line. Fantastic defense!!!! We even came very close to the Augsburg try-line 2 times, but could not convert this brief time in their 10m. One of the youngsters played most of the free kicks very fast, and it was a very good decision, as it gave us an additional 10m penalty each time, a good relief for the entire team. We came 1 more time near the Augsburg 22m, and got a penalty. We decided to play it, indeed we came here not to score 3points but for a try, it is a try or nothing game. Unfortunately Augsburg stole the ball. Then Augsburg decided to attack on the far side. It was already more than 65mn that we were playing 13 against 15 and our fitness was definitely impacted.  Augsburg got a few substitutions and that was it, they scored a few tries by their wingers, easy ones when you have 2 more players on the field. Final score 78-0.
The result is there, but we will only remember that we came 13, and the 13 fought like Spartans, with a fantastic defense.

Again big thanks to all of these 13 rugby-players who came as a team and gave all their energy to honor the MRFC!!

Now we need to build a team from these Spartans for the next few games!!!

Also special thanks to Sebastian parents and Girlfriend for being our supporters!!!

Man of the Game: Konsti for being a fantastic Captain

Hammer: Sebastian the Destroyer

Dick of the day: Arno for missing 2 kicks

 Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Harry Clabtree
2. Martin Salvador
3. Bonetti Michel
4. Leon Kudjerski
5. Sebastian Booche
6. Antoinne Miguet
7. Constantin Kuhl
8. -
9. Francis Soualle
10. Arnoud van den Bossche
11. Pieree de Bartoli
12. Nils Weng
13. Ronan Lefebvre
14. Byington Harrison
15. -