Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Regenburg, 2. November 2014, Bericht: Antoine Ducardonnet


RC Regensburg 2000 : München RFC II
24 : 5

With a pleasant weather on Sunday 2 November, MRFC took the train to Ratisbonne in order to defy the Red and Whites. The steam in Regensburg was pretty good and the Munich team started the game in good conditions (except for Jerome who was still a bit tired of his party Saturday night…). After a kick-off of Den the game started really tough, a lot of hard contacts, some big tackles (cartouches…) and nice runs. During the first 20 minutes MRFC let Regensburg play their own rugby, and then they scored two tries in a row! After that, Munich decided to react and started playing the Munich way, Kiwi, Fidji and Arctics became our words and after a powerful Hammer, MRFC through Marti scored its first try! After this beautiful try, Munich kept going playing MRFC’s rugby until the break. After that, unfortunately the game became really complicated… It seems that both teams were tired and then everything was more confused, scrums were not stable anymore, some tackles were performed a bit high and more foreward passes were done. It was then much more difficult for the backs to get clean balls. Fortunately, the impacts brought a bit of fresh air which was really welcome. Nevertheless, due to bad tackles, Regensburg scored two more tries. In the last 10 minutes, the referee decided to calm everybody by giving two yellow cards to Ratisbonne. To finish, on the last action, Munich almost scored a second try but the team lost the ball in front of the line.
This Sunday, Munich played well, with pride, did not give up and stay calm. It was a good rugby day! Looking forward to next saturday which will be a great rugby day!
Hammer: Den
Mom: Billy
Dod: Antoine

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Antoine Ducardonnet (ab 65.min Constantin Kuhl)
2. Niklas Graf
3. Guilherme Buff (Capt.)
4. Owain Williams
5. Lucas Marchi
6. Martin Salvador (ab 60.min Jerome Prieto)
7. Kevin Briggs (ab 50.min Tautuki Choice)
8. Tom Grealish
9. Steven Cheung
10. Gill Denmarbie
11. Konstantin Bachmann (ab 70.min Daniel Weber)
12. Ronan Levfebvre
13. Tobias Lefherz
14. Alessandro Cossu
15. Arnoud van den Bossche

Versuch: Martin Salvador