Herren Regionalliga Bayern
München, 22. November 2014, Bericht:
Francis Soualle


München RFC II : TSV 1846 Nürnberg
5 : 64

It was one of these days that any Rugby player would ask for to really enjoy the game. The temperature was warm enough not to wear any unnecessary layer of clothes. The air was fresh but not too cold and with no risk of burning the lungs. With a low position in the sky, the sun was just starting to touch the top of the trees. The lawn prepared by our favourite ground keeper, Ralf, was green, little wet and soft. Even the opponents of the day, the team of Nürnberg, looked like really fit, ready to contest in the best spirit of Rugby this game. Yes, all the conditions were definitively met in this nice day of automn to have a tough and hopefully fair game. All except one… a defficient number of players from Munich Rugby Football Club side. The meeting time was planned as usual one-and-half hour before Kick-Off. Gradually (“peu à peu”, as we would say on the other side of the Rhein), Munich players came to complete the squad which looked quite tiny on this day. A quarter of hour before KO, all players participating to the usual warm-up exercises looked at each other, with one question on their face: Would be the team complete enough to compete for an official game? The fatidical lower bound of 13 players was indeed still not reached. 13 was exactly the number of brave players who contested the game in Augsburg, a few weeks ago, against 15 opponents and without conceding the fatal 50-0. Everyone was praying to see one of these LMPs (Last Minute Players) arriving like the Messi bringing bread and water to the crowd. Even with one minute of delay before KO, no one would have pass the remark to this potential Messi for the retard. Hundred percent tolerance would have been the law today. But no, no miracle happened and this was with a big desilusion that there was no way to escape the 50-0 in favor of Nurnberg… So, “against bad fortune good heart” we would say in France and rapidly both teams agreed for a friendly game, 12 against 12, a format which was quite unusual and would reserve some surprises. At this point we would like to thank both Nurnberg team and the referee for their fair play and good humor, which clearly improved the quality of the afternoon! By putting Jerome Pommay as “a volunteer” for the line refering, the number of supporters suddenly decreased of 25%. This gesture from Jerome’s side was well appreciated and it has also the avantage that Jerome could provided valuable advices to the players like (“run big bull!”, “did you forget your legs at home?”, “pffff”, are just examples). Both teams had not played for a long time between each other, four or five years at least. After a tour in the upper bundesleague, the team of Nürnberg was back to the regional league. Rich of this experience it was clear from the beginning that Nürnberg would not leave any minute of rest to Munich team, even for a friendly game. But the squad of Munich was not empty of experience neither! Counting with more than half of the players having more than 40 years (Uwe, Michel, Jerome, Francis, Jean-Philippe, Arnaud and Christophe), the cumul of all of these years of great, respected and undeniable experience (except in the category fitness) might possibly make a difference for the final outcome. This aspect of the team had also the advantage to create some troubles in the defence: the first call of the opposite 10, “I’ve got the grey-haired”, was completely missunderstood by his team mates, as 7 of these MRFCII players shared the same morphological characteristics!. The first 10 minutes let some hope for Munich to win the game or at least to finish with an honorific result. Ball and ground possession were pretty similar and both teams definitively wanted to “visit” all corners of the pitch, to be sure that it was effectively of rectangular shape. Now, after these “opening” minutes the trend in favor of the Franken team became clearer and clearer. A first try imposed by the Nürnberg forwards, and won after a long serie of  “3 points” defense on Munich line opened the “pandora box”. Surprisingly, the strength of Nürnberg team did not come where it was expected, from the forwards (based on the souvenir from the regional league games played in the 2005 to 2010 period) but from the backs. Years pass and teams change too!. (this is not related to the age of the players evidently….)!. And indeed, the backs of Nürnberg team rapidly took the advantage, finding gaps in the Munich back line, which could not find a solution to cover this pitch whose width did not cease to increase and increase. It was not possible to reproach a lack of courage or tenacity to Munich defense. Each time, the 10, 12 or 13 of Nürnberg could break the bavaria line, the back line continued to pursue the opponents. The best example was the “visit card” offered by the first center to Arnaud who jumped again on his feet to bring him the card again. Special bonus point for MRFCII is to allocate to the lineout where Laurenz and Nicolai as jumper found them correctly and provided clear balls for the attacks. In addition Laurenz made good foreward runs, allowing to bring the ball in the back of the Nurnberg defence, nicely imitated by Uwe. Now, even if the fate of the game was almost sealed, many times Munich teams tried to get at least one try, synonyme of liberation, almost “lifesaving” for team’s honor. This was the case of a sequence of passes “à la champagne” which let the defense of Nürnberg almost petrified. This sequence started with Christophe who gave the “egg” to JP, who offered in his turn on a plateau the “maybe try ball” to Jerome,  who started the sprint of his life unfortunatly at the middle line, thinking possibly that a bone of Diplodocus was promised to him if he could cross the try line! Now, the last franconian defender suddently stoped his hope, his dream by tackling him from the side, pushing him in that way to the line out. Another example of this tenacity was offered by Laurenz who succeeded to penetrate and contest three successive tackles but had to admit his incapicity to resists to the fourth one. We should not forget the proud tackle of Nicolai on the strongest, heaviest player of Nürnberg team, letting him down to the ground as though he would be twig. Finally the best example of tenacity was offered by Simon who stagged on the feet of a player on ground, and fall head first on the knee on one franconian player. An obvious Knock Out. But no, Simon still believed he could continue the game even with a black eye, and all Munich players succeeded with difficulty to convince him he could not go further, without risking some worse injury. Now, the bavaria team was reduced to 11 members, and the mean age of the team clearly get up. As the tries of the team of Nürnberg started to fall like leafes from the trees in this splendid automn season, the liberation came from one of the most puzzling action: starting with a penalty played rapidly, maybe too rapidly from Francis, the taped ball did not end in his hands but merely a few decimeters in front-of him. The penalty was played in an very inconventional way which resulted in a sort of discussion between players of both sides and the referee (who still did not have whistled by the way), to know if the ball was or not playable. The munich teams took profit of the confusion to rapidly fetch the ball from the ground and bring him to Christoph who threw his back out by giving at the 40m line a cross ball to Jerome who could finally get his promised Diplodocus bone by putting the try right in the middle of the posts. An action which costed him at least 2 minutes to get again his breath. The Munich try was finally there! The explanation provided by Jerome for the 2 mn, , a time winning, did not convinced anybody. From that point, since all objectives of team were achieved, a serie of actions was initiated to bring a new conception of rugby strategy to world. Here we could cite Alex who decided to play with his jersey on his head, runing the ball in his hands, like a chicken without head on the field. Decision was also made that all actions even in their 22, shall start from the back line, ignoring in that way the kicks to the line-out (maybe not so bad with regards to the number of “ducks” in the the team). Prority was made to a game of passes, even the most exotic ones like the “chistera” tempted by the 1m60 scrum-half, who apparently mis-estimated with several meters of errors, the real position of his fly half and third row, leading to a highly precise pass for the oposite player in the try line…
The game ended after two half-time of 30minutes, with an unambiguous score of 64 to 5. A Nürnberg team which of course deserved both victories. Now many bavarian players merely thought that the score was 18-12, 18 players for Nürnberg and 12 for Munich…
The final MRFC nominations were Jerome as player of day, Mich as Hammer and finally your sport prefered reporter, Francis, as dick of the day….

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Uwe Heiss
2. Simon Laurich
3. Laurenz Krüger
4. Jean-Philipp Techer
5. Christoph Bertinatto
6. Michel Bonetti
8. Jerome Prieto
9. Francis Soualle
10. Arnoud van den Bossche
11. Alexandre Schranz
12. Pierre de Bartoli

Versuch: Jerome Prieto