U12  Rugby Turnier in Stuttgart


Stuttgart, 15. März 2015


Bericht: Alessandro Cossu
The MRFC U12 team played its first tournament of 2015 in Stuttgart on Sunday, the 15th of March. Munich’s pool was definitely the tougher one, including the German champions, namely Frankfurt SC 1880’s first team, TSV and RGH; pool B comprised Frankfurt’s second team, HRK and the hosts.
Despite the little time to prepare the tournament Munich made a promising start by beating RGH: after having conceded a try in the initial phases of the match, the MRFC regrouped and scored three tries. However, in the second game against TSV Munich lacked composure and concentration from the very beginning: very poor tackling and a worrisome lack of cohesion among the players allowed TSV to easily score three tries in the first minutes of the match and, to all effects, to win the game already in the first-half. The MRFC seemed intent to restore some pride in the last pool game against Frankfurt: the first half, marked by many handling errors by both sides, ended with the two teams surprisingly tied to a null all; however, in the second half Munich started again to lose concentration and conceded two soft tries to their opponents. A quick move by Cilian and Oscar led to Munich’s only try and seemed to prepare a comeback, but it was but an illusion, as several missed tackles allowed Frankfurt to score three tries and win the game. In the final for the fifth place Munich comfortably beat the hosts, Stuttgart, by seven unanswered tries.
This tournament represents a step backwards with respect to the good results obtained in November in Worms, where Munich had managed to beat HRK, who played this time the final against Frankfurt. Although it should be underlined that the team only trained once before this tournament and thus had little time to properly prepare, the defeats to TSV and Frankfurt highlighted a certain “mental weakness” of our team, which is clearly not used to playing the stronger teams from Heidelberg and Frankfurt on a regular basis; tackling was also rather poor, in particular by the bigger players (on the contrary, players like Adam, Cilian, Konstantin and David, despite being much smaller than their opponents, distinguished themselves in the tackle area). Much work has to be done in the little time remaining before the German championship; hopefully, the relatively long time available to prepare the next tournament in April will allow the team to regain concentration and confidence.

Trainer: Giacomo Bernobi
John Pritchard; Alessandro Cossu
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Konstantin Fiedler, Riccardo Cossu, David Pritchard, Oscar de Broissia, Moritz Langer, Alex Young, Ferdinand Menéndez Maraver, Theo Gavras, Théo Lelarge, Cilian Moughty, Daniel Cunney, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Adam Lauvergne, Lucas Delord.

München RFC - RG Heidelberg 15:05  (Versuche: 2 C. Moughty, Konstantin Fiedler)
München RFC - TSV Handschuhsheim 00:35
München RFC - SC 1880 Frankfurt 05:25  (Versuch: O. de Broissia)
München RFC - Stuttgarter RC 35:00  (Versuche: C. Fiedler, R. Cossu, 2 M. Langer, O. de Broissia, T. Lelarge, C. Moughty)