Herren Regionalliga Bayern
München, 28. März 2014, Bericht:
Francis Soualle


München RFC II : Würzburger RK
13 : 15

As opening game of the spring season, the regional team of Munich received the team of Würzbug on that sunny saturday, a relatively young team in the Bavarian league, which did not cease to improve over the last years. Strong of three victories again Würzburg, Munich was therefore full of hope. This hope was also combined with the satisfaction to have a complete squad, especially filled with new players, like Nicolas, Stephane or Karbinian who would experience on that day their first game ever. Of course, other new team members showing stronger heritage in the Rugby discipline like the Brasilian Bruno or the German Julian were welcome to support the new comers and enhance in that way the average team level. Hence, the regional team of Munich was showing almost a new face (still marked with old scarces in the presence of the “future-ex” old boys, like Arno, Jerome, Jean-Philippe, Christophe and Francis). Of course, this patchwork of experience, nationality, age represent the usual and typical “signature” of the second team of Munich, and especially for the spring seasons. A characteristics which can be perceived sometimes as an advantage, sometimes as a drawback. The fate of this game will tell on which side the medal would fall… The beginning of this first half time was taken by each team, to set-up the new combinations that were certaindly worked during the winter break. For the Munich team this was also the opportunity to be acquainted with your closest partner in a real game situation. A clear difference could be observed between the team of Würzburg which was played for the first time two years ago and the guest team of that day. It was obvious that the game of the “Franken” team won in organisation and continuity, especially in the rocks. Nevertheless, experienced players like Tom or Jerome, succeeded to counterbalance this, and after 30 minutes, the pitch possession was on the side of the Bavarian team with some very good off-loads learnt at training. This positive dynamic was suddenly broken from Würzburg, stealing the ball from the back line and having a fast 50m run to score the 1st try of the game. This first try did not completely reflected the game situation, but was of course welcomed by the Bavarian opponents leading with 5 to 0 after conversoin! To answer as fast as possible to this, a penalty was kicked successfully to put the score back to a more balance level with 5-3. This result ended the first half time, which could not highlight any dominating team, but which fully demonstrated the real progression of Würzburg over the last two years.
The second period started much more quicker that the first one, now that the automatisms were set-up: the opening kick-off from Würzburg, was perfectly caught by Stephane would just entered the pitch, and this young father full of testosterone ran into Würzburg defense, forcing in that was defensing line to move back. This situation was used profitably by the Bavarian team who played rapidly two rocks and with a good spider clean-up providing the ball into the hands of Julian who, like Würzburg 20 minutes before, succeeded to break through the defense before kindly placing the ball between both posts. This try, unfortunately not converted (which will be regretted later…), allowed Munich to take the lead on the score, a much better situation from a psychological point of view, of course. The middle of the second half time started to see injuries on both sides, certainly a proof for a lack of fitness, at least from Munich side. As a consequence, most of the game actions took place in the middle of pitch, a proof that no offensice situation could really be concretised up to its end. It is still important to mention two “one man” actions from Munich side. The first one is the wonderfull interception of the ball in the ten meters of the franken team. Under pressure on a scrum, in their own camp, the back line decided to play the ball, from the fly half up to the second center. Rushing like a light from a stormy sky, Jerome, also known as “le ronchon”, took the right moment to intercept the ball between both centers, and needed just a few meter to score a try, again between both posts. But again the conversion could not be succeffully executed, which will have its importance in the final outcome of the game. The second “one man” action was executed by the scrum half, Francis, who still believeS that he can learn kicking despite the many catastrophic “aerian” attempts, performed in the past years. As consequence, on a perfectly located rock in the middle of pitch, the small frenchy announced the famous “box kick”, armed his feet, took a breath and launched the ball like a rocket up to an height of …. Maybe 3 to 4 meters…. But still in front of the Munich team!! This represented of course a real improvement for Francis who consequently still believes in a destiny like Sir Wilkinson… At that time of the game, four minutes before the end, the score was 13-to-10 for the MRFC. Believing that this score would be the final one, the Munich team decided to adopt a defensive attitude, stretching its defense along the width of pitch, and betting that no offensice could break this wall. Unfortunately, the fate proved the contrary… Peu à peu, Würzburg won meter per meter before ending in the ten meters of the hosting team. The pressure was certainly too strong for this newly constituted Munich team, and a classical but efficient combination of “pick and go”, terminated with an opening ball to the back got reason of the hopes of Munich. Scoring at the very end corner of the pitch, the final mark was 15-to-13. This score and especially the way it was brought represented for Munich team an immense desillusion, which could easily be perceived in the eyes of the Munich players. This represented also the first loss against Würzburg team. Now, after a few minutes (and beers) the positive aspects of that game rose away. The first one is the pleasure to play with a full squad, the second one being to observe a decrease of the average age of team thanks to the new coming players and the third one is satisfaction to see the exercices, combinations and drills worked during the winter break to be concretised in a non-negligible part of this first game of the spring season. The final MRFC nominations were Julian as player of day, Arno as Hammer and finally your sport prefered reporter, Francis, again as dick of the day….

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Didier Caneilles (ab 9.min Jean-Philipp Techer)
2. Constantin Kuhl (Capt.)
3. Ramon Tarrago (ab 41.min Christoph Bertinatto)
4. Tom Grealish
5. Julian Bainbridge
6. Padraig Naughton
7. Stefan Werner (ab 41.min Lois Begue)
8. Bruno Diaquino
9. Francis Soualle
10. Arnoud van den Bossche
11. Michel Bonetti (ab 60.min Nicolas Dennilauler)
12. Karsten Konduktorow
13. Jerome Prieto
14. Alexis Premet (ab 60.min Korbinian Vogel)
15. Pierre de Bartoli

Versuche: John Bainbridge, Jerome Prieto
Penalty: Bruno Diaquino