U10, U12, U14  Rugby Turnier in Wintersdorf

Wintersdorf, 19. April 2015

Bericht: Alessandro Cossu
The first RVBy U10-tournament of the season took place on Sunday, 19 April 2015, in Wintersdorf. The MRFC turned up with a full-strength squad of ten players plus replacements; however, as the other clubs present (Gröbenzell and StuSta plus some players from Nuremberg and Unterföhring) had less players, it was decided to play seven-a-side. Our boys had to split into two teams and yet dominated the tournament: the first team won its first game against a mixed selection from Gröbenzell and Unterföhring by seven tries to one (35:5), followed by the second team outclassing the same opponent by 55:20; as an intermezzo between the two games, the MRFC teams played a “fratricide” match which saw MRFC II win.
Quentin, Ester, Basile and Raphaël impressed with their skills, with Quentin once again proving himself as the team’s best tackler and a valiant captain and Esther showing some dazzling runs along the wing; the new boys Francesco, Andreas and Panos showed a lot of will to play and began to gel with the more experienced players.
The future looks bright for the U10’s with so many talented and willing players; next comes the tournament in Regensburg, where hopefully strong players such as Giorgio and Connor will finally make their debut.

Trainer: Alan Moughty
Alessandro Cossu
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Eudes Vermersch, Andreas Schmid, Basile de Broissia, Raphaël Millou, Timoté Dupuy, Panos Moura, Quentin Moughty (c), Francesco Uber, Leander Ross, Esther Pearce, Nicolas (BIS).

München RFC - SG SC Gröbenzell/RC Unterföhring 35:05
München RFC II - SG SC Gröbenzell/RC Unterföhring 55:20

kein Spielbericht

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Riccardo Cossu, Oscar de Broissia, Moritz Langer, Ferdinand Menéndez, Daniel Cunney, Konstantin Fiedler, Adam Lauvergne, David Pritchard, Aidan Curtis, Lucas Delord, Alex Young, Theo Gavras, Albero Heinrich, Fynn Khiari

München RFC - SG SC Gröbenzell/RC Unterföhring/TSV 1846 Nürnerg 55:05
München RFC II - RC Stusta München 40:00
München RFC - RC Stusta München 55:10
München RFC II - SG SC Gröbenzell/RC Unterföhring/TSV 1846 Nürnerg 60:00

Bericht: Gerard Owens
MRFC U14s played Gröbenzell, Regensburg, Nürnberg and then StuSta, convincingly winning all four games at seven-a-side.  Whereas the first two were convincing victories, Nürnberg were a more challenging opponent, and the final match against StuSta was a constant battle against an opponent with 13 players who was distinctly less tired.
Gröbenzell started with tries by Lucas, then Jamie on the left wing, two more by Lucas and then a Gröbenzell try before half time.  Lucas was unstoppable in the second half, with support from Valentin, Aaron, James and others; final result 8 tries to 1.
Regensburg came with a new but strong team.  James’s solo run broke the ice, James’s support for Lucas got the second, Lucas again for the third then a tremendous run from Gabriel to give Jonathan his first. Jamie ran through from the kick-off but unfortunately hit touch.  Michael gave central strength throughout with MRFC holding up through the second half to win 4 tries to 0.
Nürnberg was a real challenge; MRFC strong team efforts including Aaron and Lucas, James’s charging and Jonathan’s strong running; Jamie’s weaving and Valentin’s speed. Lucas and Carl (Nürnberg) had a battle backwards and forwards to half time; with MRFC finally triumphing through James’s strength and Lucas’s strong runs to win 4:1.
The final match against StuSta was a battle of endurance, with StuSta’s 13 players vs MRFC’s 8 leaving them fresher.  1-0 to StuSta, equaliser from Lucas, then 2-1 to MRFC, then 2-2 after a strong team run by StuSta before half time. Again through MRFC flourished in the second half, with James showing again strength and eventually winning 5 tries to 2.

Trainer: Michel Bonetti, Sheldon Branagh
Chris Rolle, Ged Owens
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Aron Wijnbergen, Gabriel Berne, James Branagh, Jonathan Bonetti, Lucas Bauer, Michael Curtis, Jamie Owens, Valentin Schöllhorn.

München RFC - SC Gröbenzell 40:05
München RFC - RC Regenburg 2000
München RFC - TSV 1846 Nürnberg
München RFC - RC Stusta München