U12  Deutsche Meisterschaft in Frankfurt


Frankfurt, 17. Mai 2015

Bericht: Alessandro Cossu
The U12 team took part in the 2015 German national championship on the beautiful grounds of the reigning champions, the SC Frankfurt 1880; due to Fynn Khiari’s unexpected illness and the inability to receive a player’s licence for Albero in time, the Lions travelled to Frankfurt with fourteen players only. The hosts’ organisation was impeccable; not the same may be said of the management of the tournament by the DRJ: upon arriving at the venue for the managers’ meeting, the MRFC management was informed that its registration had been allegedly withdrawn and HRK had, as a consequence, been admitted as a replacement for the MRFC. A new game schedule had to be prepared and the MRFC was drawn in a tough pool comprising six teams, among which were the champions, Frankfurt as well as RGH and Victoria Linden; the other pool comprised five teams only.
In the opening game against Düsseldorf the Munich lions showed a good defensive organisation, but they lost many precious balls in the scrums, also against the head, and in the lineouts, and rarely managed to spark their quick backline, formed by Riccardo, Cilian, Oscar, David and Konstantin. Düsseldorf instead capitalised on the long phases of ball possession and played with composure, winning the game by three tries to nil.
The second game against Frankfurt was a disaster: all the MRFC players seemed mesmerised by their opponents and missed tackles after tackles, conceding many soft tries to the hosts. After a harsh speech by the trainer, Giacomo, who reminded the Munich players that playing rugby is (also) about fighting till the very end, no matter how strong the opponent is, the MRFC seemed to have found its way again in the third game against the strong Hanover team of Victoria Linden: although Munich was in the end defeated, the team showed a renewed will to fight for every ball, tackled with energy and scored its first two tries of the tournament. Loss of ball possession in the set play was again decisive in determining the final score, but the MRFC backline could finally hit it off. Munich obtained its first victory against the very physical RK03 Berlin in an abrasive match, characterized by continuous changes of front and very hard tackles. Some clever kicks by Oscar and several strong breaks by Konstantin, who seemed to have been regenerated by Giacomo’s speech, as well as Riccardo’s slaloms through the opponents created the platform for scoring five tries; “Killer” Cilian’s superb tackling kept the Prussians at bay and gave Munich a bonus-point victory.
The final pool game was against a very strong RGH team which would, in the end, reach the final against Frankfurt: Munich could not, as earlier during the season in the Stuttgart tournament, beat the Heidelberg outfit, but fought bravely and never gave up, losing the game 40 to nil.
Munich thus ended the pool phase at the fifth place in the group with 5 points, ahead of RK03 Berlin (2 points) and behind Düsseldorf (8 points).
On Sunday morning the MRFC played against RK Heusenstamm, the team which propped the other pool’s table, and against again RK03 Berlin, for the 9th/10th place decider. The opening match against Heusenstamm was won easily: Cilian, in particular, shone by rampaging through the opponents’ lines and scoring three tries, while Adam bravely recovered from a slight concussion he had suffered on Saturday and scored a fantastic try. Konstantin, Riccardo and Oscar scored the other tries.
After a long break, the MRFC finally got onto the pitch around 12H30 for the final match against Berlin. Already handicapped by only having fourteen players at its disposal and further depleted by David’s surrender to injury, Munich yet managed to take the lead thanks to a strong break by “Crazy Horse” Oscar, the team’s most unforeseeable and mercurial player. However, Munich hopes to win, for the first time ever, three matches in the championship, soon waned as “Captain Courageous” Konstantin had to leave in pain, after one his typical hard tackles. Berlin scored two unanswered tries; while attempting to stop a Berliner try-scorer, the valiant Cilian was deemed to have made a high tackle and was shown a harsh (but correct) yellow card. It was then Riccardo, the only player to have played all the matches, to have to leave the ground, after he was hit hardly on his nose while making a brave hit on Berlin’s scrum-half. With no replacements any longer available, Oscar had, as the only truly experienced player on the pitch, to take the team on his shoulders: however, despite his valiant efforts and a brave fight by Jérémie, Aidan and Lucas, the match destiny could not be overturned. Munich thus ended at the tenth place; despite the final defeat, the mood in the team was a merry one and the boys thoroughly enjoyed a snack, eaten on the premises of the SC Frankfurt 1880, before bidding farewell to the two Nuremberg players, Oisín and Marc, who bravely fought with the Munich players, and hitting the road.
Trainer: Giacomo Bernobi
Teammanger: Alessandro Cossu, Antoine Miguet
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Riccardo Cossu, Oscar de Brossia, Cilian Moughty, Konstantin Fiedler, Adam Lauvergne, Alex Young, Aidan Curtis, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Lucas Delord, Theo Gavras, Théo Lelarge, David Pritchard, Marc Fessele, Oisín Gogarty.

TUS 95 Düsseldorf - München RFC  15:00 (Versuche: ?)
Victoria Linden - München RFC 30:10 (Versuche: David Pritchard, Konstantin Fiedler)
München RFC - RK Berlin 03 25:10 (Versuche: Oscar de Brossia 2x, Konstantin Fiedler 3x)
RG Heidelberg - München RFC 40:0
München RFC _ RK Heusenstamm 35:0 (Adam Lauvergne, Konstantin Fiedler, Cilian Moughty 3x, Oscar de Brossia, Riccardo Cossu)
München RFC - RK Berlin 03 5:20 (Versuch: Oscar de Brossia)

Der München RFC belegte den 10. Platz