U12  United World Games

Klagenfurt, 20. Juni 2015

Die U12 des München Rugby Football Club gewinnen die United World Games 2015 in Klagenfurt

Bericht: Gerard Owens
MRFC presented a U12 team, and additionally 3 U10 players who formed a Spielgemeinschaft with Union Donau.
The U12 team were clear winners of the tournament for their age group, winning 5 games and drawing against Heidelberg RK, showcasing how far this MRFC age group has developed under the leadership of Giacomo Bernobi, Alessandro Cossu and John Pritchard. The team played as a complete unit, showing strength in attack, defense and ball recovery.  On kick-off after their numerous tries, they charged forwards as a line, every player tackling consistently and effectively, while the rucking, mauling and securing of possession worked like a trainers’ dream. On attack, Captain Konstantin played a key linking role between forwards and backs; and while tries were scored mostly by Kons, Moritz, Cilian, Daniel, Jamie and Jonathan, every single player contributed with strong running and support. Every compliment also therefore to Aidan, Jeremie, Lucas and Theon for a real team effort. The U10 players Andreas, Leander and Quentin, while not so successful in their individual games, played very strongly individually and also were a compliment to their trainers.  Effectively coupling up with the Union Donau B team in their age group, their success was in playing every game to the full, and giving their best throughout, strongly supporting the tournament as a whole but also gaining tremendous personal experience playing a series of teams from 4 different European cities. A further highlight of the tournament were training sessions with the professional South African coaches, who concentrated in particular on breakdown movements; while gaps between games allowed visits to local sights, and swimming in Kärnten’s beautiful lakes. We hoped to ensure that everyone had a wonderful long weekend, as well as playing rugby. Compliments once again to the players and trainers of the U12 and U10 teams; but also thanks from the author to Konstatin Fiedler sen., Chris Ross and Dorothee Schmid for their support over the tournament, plus many thanks to Chris Rolle for his huge administration and support effort.  And thanks to all the UWG tournament rugby staff and referees in Klagenfurt.
Trainer: Gerard Owens, Giacomo Bernobi
Alessandro Cossu, John Pritchard
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Konstantin Fiedler, Theo Gavras, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Daniel Cunney, Aidan Curtis, Jonathan Ross, Moritz Langer, Lucas Delord, Cilian Moughty, Jamie Owens
U10 Players for RU Donau Wien: Quentin Moughty, Leander Ross, Andreas Schmid

Fotos: hier

München RFC - Hannover 78  15:0
München RFC - Stade Rugby Wien  15:0
München RFC - RK Ljubljana  25:5
München RFC - RU Donau Wien  10:0
München RFC - Heidelberger RK  5:5
München RFC - Stade Rugby Wien Girls  20:5