2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 5. September 2015, Bericht:
Denmarbie Gill

München RFC : RC Regensburg 2000
65 : 0

After some very amusing conversations about once again being „Den of the Day“ yet for another soft yellow card I begin to wonder if I’ve accidently taken up playing football as it seems yellow cards get dished out like it’s going out of fashion, with all due respect the referee’s are doing their best and to be fair she was fairly consistent right through the game which is what we as rugby players ask for. Last night I was asked what does rugby means to me, simple answer „nothing,...everything“ it means nothing to me if your not fighting for the same cause with your fellow brothers, if your not prepared to trust your brother on a rugby field, then theres no point playing the game.
Rugby means everything to me because theres no other sport like it, the true sense of the word Comraderie, as many of you all know im not the biggest player on the field, but I sure as hell would run into the biggest player on the field (and this has happened on a few occassions  against the better judgement of my forward pack) knowing that behind me theres going to to be a bunch of boys in Blue ready to protect me when the going gets tough, albeit at the bottom of a ruck. After Months of slogging it out in the 30+ heat over the summer and the past 2 weeks fine tuning our game plan MRFC 1st XV were ready to hit the new Bundesliga season running!
We were ready to welcome last season’s Bayern Regionale Champions Regensburg to the 2nd Bundesliga, and prepared to show the champions how big the step up is and what it takes to compete up here. With respect to Regensburg they fought hard and were well in the game at half time, now that they’ve had a taste of the Bundesliga they will be a better team for the experience it as they continue their new season, we wish you luck in your next games and look forward to the second clash on your home ground.
On to the the match report....
15:00 Kick off and MRFC were already hot in attack pushing hard straight up the guts and spreading the Pill wide, we wanted to run Regensburg off their feet from the get go. 3 mins into the game Regensburg conceded a penalty about 20 metres  infront the posts, where Fred was ready to open up MRFC’s 2015/2016 account with the first points of the season, MRFC 3 – RCR 0. shortly RCR had MRFC under the pump with some clever territorial kicking from their newly recruited number 10 and former Memmingen player with some smart attacking play from RCR which was met with some determined defence from MRFC. 13 mins into the first half RCR were trying to get out of the 22 but MRFC were up fast and hard on defence with Tobi and Jan leading the way by tackling and driving the RCR winger back into his on try zone forcing a 5m Attacking scrum for MRFC.  Off the back of the scrum Scott went short side with Den but were both bundled into touch by RCR.
After a clearing kick but still inside RCR’s 22m MRFC now had a second opportunity to score the first try of the season, The move was called the plan was set the Lions were at the ready to pounce on they’re prey. The Lions captain Pablo secured the lineout, passed to the awaiting Den at Halfback and sent Scott Warner into space and with a quick flury of steps and bumps Warner was under the post for a 5er, MRFC 10 – RCR 0, with the extra 2 points being added by Fred. 24 minutes into the 1st half the Lions were roaring again with a great move and some delicate running from the newly recruited flyhalf (yet another French Player) Charles, Put fellow French man Fred into space but dropped the opportunity right on the line, at that point Fred became number 1 contender for „Den of the Day“. 3 mins later the Lions started flexing their Scrum muscles again prior to the Scrum Den and Scott were at it again conjuring up a plan on the lions next opportunity but first the hard work needed to be done in the tight 5 in order to get a good stable platform. From the scrum. With pressure being applied by RCR’s halfback at the back of the scrum, Scott Walnuts Warner cheekily sent a yet another fantastic no look pass (this time from between his legs) to set up yet another try for the ever opportunist Den  who used change of pace and a dummy pass to dive over the line for his first 5 pointer of the season  MRFC 15 – RCR 0. 15:31  Yellow Card Den Gill new top contender for Den of the Day. (we keep it at that). 15:37 Scrum down RCR feed, and yet another great display of power and technique Karl, Alex L, and new recruit (no hes not french) Gerd forcing a turnover and penalty for the Lions. 3 mins out from the break New Recruit number 12 Jan (no hes not french either) and RCR’s number 10 Simon Meßmer get into a off the ball scuffle at exactly the same time MRFC were hot in attack and clearly in space 10m from the try line and no defending player insight with a easy 7 pointer, instead the Ref blew the whistle and pulled out her infamous yellow card and sent the 2 merry men to visit Den on the naughty boy bench, new number 1 contender for Den of the Day one would think!!!!! Its a conspiracy I say! Im sure they are trying to get me to take over from Kevin’s firm grasp of the most DODs!!! Halftime score 15 – 0 to the Lions.
The 2nd half started the same way the first half ended, both teams running in hard at each other both teams defending with equal vigour. 10 mins into the 2nd half there was some movement on the bench with Antoine D and Lucas Marchi come on for Gerd and Antoine M.  and 2 mins after that Julian K was into the battle replacing Alex S on one wing and Ronan replacing Tobi on the other wing. Some more of the same stuff from the 2 teams with Julian B showing some great footwork for a big man and Nick showing some great hits and turnovers from a small man sent the lions on a charge up the field, the hard nosed determined pitbull thats inside Nick decided to come out just a little bit more, from turnover to breaking the line passing to his supporting player, to being a supporting player and then securing the ruck all in one phaze of play showed this young man has got a bright future for MRFC and happy to see him back on the field after a lengthy time off due to injury! 15m out from RCR’s Try line the Lions were awarded an attacking scrum, the ball was quickly sent out to Charles who attacked the line with Jan and Dave showing some great handling skills ( yes I said Dave in the same sentence with great handling skills) to put Fred over the try who was sure not to drop it on the line on a second attempt.
MRFC 22 – RCR 0. Just under 20 mins into the 2nd half  All the hard work in the off season started paying off as MRFC’s fitness and well timed substitutions started to prove a little to much for RCR. The constant barrage of hits and turn overs from Nick and Scott insured that MRFC were about to apply the foot to the throat and up the attacking pressure on RCR, from broken play MRFC’S replacement prop Alberto finds himself diving over the line for what was the begining of the flood gates opening up.
MRFC  29- RCR 0. Not long after that, Den was told to sit back on the bench this time not for a card and the recently retired Alan became the replacement 9. Charles having spent most of the day distributing the ball and commanding the play and calling the shots  decided its his turn to shine and busts open the defence to score his first try in MRFC colours
MRFC 36 – RCR 0. After a brilliant move from the back line, some fancy stepping and a hard don’t argue (fend) and slick pass from Jan and some fantastic support play put Julian K into the corner for another try. MRFC 41 – RCR 0. MRFC’s other replacement wing  Ronan was soon over the line after great inside work from Charles and with still a lot to do Ronan moved, shimmied and then muscled his way through and over to put MRFC 46 – RCR 0. Directly after the restart Lukas was at it again catching the ball, stepping and breaking tackles and a smart draw and pass to Scott Warner who then had 50m to to dash to the line, with 2 fellow lions jogging on either side of him showing great support as well as asking Scott to run faster to score his second try under the post (during a beer discussion after the game Scott tells me he was already running at full speed and couldnt go any faster). MRFC 53 – RCR 0. 3 mins after Scott touched down our new Fly Half showed some fantastic skill and foot work after a great lineout move from the big boys to score his 2nd try on debut. MRFC 60 – RCR 0. With Last play being called by the ref MRFC were not finished, after some big runs and and hit ups with some skill full off loads and silk passing saw Lukas rewarded with a 5 pointer of his on making the final score 65 – 0 to MRFC.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Karl Wolf (ab 48.min Antoine Ducardonnet)
2. Alex Loders
3. Gerd Gerhards (ab 43.min Alberto Andreotto)
4. Pablo Puyalto (Capt.)
5. John Bainbridge
6. Antoine Miguet (ab 43. min Lucas Marchi)
7. Niklas Graf (ab 65.min James Bratton)
8. Scott Warner
9. Denmarbie Gill (ab 60.min Alan Moughty)
10. Charles Delerue-Simon
11. Tobias Lefherz (ab 60.min Julian Köhnlein)
12. David Clegg
13. Jan-Philipp Abels
14. Alexandre Schranz (ab 45. min Ronan Lefebvre)
15. Frederic Begards

Versuche: Scott Warner 2x, Charles Delerue-Simon 2x, Denmarbie Gill, Frederic Begards, Alberto Andreotto, Ronan Lefebvre, Julian Köhnlein, Lucas Marchi
Erhöhungen: Frederic Begards 6x
Penalty: Frederic Begards