Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 12. September 2015, Bericht:


München RFC II : RFC Bad Reichenhall
28 : 22

Warm weather, hard-fought game.
Last Saturday the second team had a tough fight against RFC Bad Reichenhall. The players arrived early to the pitch, all procedure before match was done with calm and in a concentrated and focused environment. The game was played in a quick and energetic pace. Against us a younger and fit team. Result of the experience and quick decision, we scored first and this removed some weight from us passing it on the opposite team. We assumed the rule and the commitment to be playing home and we put the pressure on the opposite team, resulting in two yellow cards, free and penalty kicks excellently executed by Alan Moughty, increasing the score difference and putting us playing closer to the opposite posts. They did well always keeping pass the ball away from the last ruck and trying to spread and create gaps in our defensive line. We struggle in an organized defensive game we got a few turnovers and penalties, but they were able to break your defensive line and score. The referee in my opinion did well his job, the dynamic of the game was also due of the referee work, leading both team to the order. We cleverly adjusted our game to the referee, they didn't, outcome, two yellow cards for them.
The final result of the game, München RFC II scored 28 points result of three tries, by Alan Moughty, Tobias Mies and Tautuki Choice (not converted). Three penalties kicks by Alan Moughty. The RFC Bad Reichenhall scored 22 points result of four tries and one conversion. To conclude was a great game and on top of it this is the proof that we can do better and should be the encouragement to bring people to the trainings.
Thank you all! It was a pleasure to play at your side and congratulations to Tobias Mies for his first try!

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Quentin Degroote
2. Uwe Heiss (ab 41.min Padraig Naughton)
3. Guilherme Buff
4. Owain Williams
5. Kevin Briggs
6. Tautuki Choice
7. Tobias Mies (ab 50.min Felix Mann)
8. Bruno Diaquino
9. Alan Moughty
10. Javier Gonzales
11. Julian Köhnlein
12. Sharma Himanshu
13. Xavier Mora
14. Pierre de Bartoli
15. Konstantin Bachmann

Versuche: Alan Moughty, Tobias Mies, Tautuki Choice
Erhöhungen: Alan Moughty 2x
Penalties: Alan Moughty 3x