2. Bundesliga Süd
München Freimann, 12. September 2015, Bericht:

RC Stusta München : München RFC
22 : 22

With both parties having decided to postpone the game by 3 weeks,  one has to say the wait was definitely worth it, with both team using those extra sessions to prepare for the big game and for both sides no other game gets the blood pumping, than the local derby between MRFC and StuSta. Munich came of the back of a big win against the newly promoted Regensburg, while StuSta had the more sterner of two challenges facing league winners HTV. From the score lines and reviews of both games, the favorite tag was marginally with StuSta. With the sun shining brightly in the sky, Munich kicked off deep in the students half and for the following 8 minutes, both teams where probing and testing here and there. The first few lineouts where even for both teams but there was a clear display that the students won ball with more ease than Munich, but Munich even this up with a display from beginning to end in scrum, where they dominated, thanks to what is turning out to be a compact nugget of gold  on the tight head side 'Gerd Gerard's' who tormented the students all day long by providing the platform for the tight 5 to drive through, so much so it was no surprise that Munich first points came off an attacking scrum and the tacklers been pinged for not rolling away.  Charles Delerue-Simon  added the points 0-3 for Munich. Then Munich received a huge blow, with captain Pablo Puyalto getting caught awkwardly in a ruck and damaging his knee, the latest report received Saturday evening  was that he has serve ligament and bone damage in the knee which will see him out of the game probably for the remainder of the season. James Bratton came on and the game restarted with a scrum for the students, but even with the pressure been put on them they managed to get the ball away and attacked up the blind and moved into Munich's 22,  some strong tackling from James Bratton and Scott walnuts Warner stalled the attack but unfortunately with a side entry to the ruck, StuSta opted for the points with Ian Dawson slotting over the kick to make it 3-3. This time a high hanging kickoff put StuSta under pressure and with some sloppy control in the ruck allowed Munich to turn the ball over, James Bratton again this time with ball in hand opened up the students defensive line with a fabulous shimmy of the knees through which he glided to then off load to fellow English man Scott walnuts Warner to score in the corner.  Charles  Delerue-Simon added the conversion to leave it 3-10. The students eventually found their rhythm after opting to attach up the middle instead of out wide, where through some strong running from Matteo Carrara, who cruised through the Munich line to score under the posts for their first try converted by Ian Dawson 10-10.  Two minutes later with more of the same from Matteo Carrara (StuSta#12) crashing up the middle only to be stopped by some heroic tackling by Ronan Lefebvre, but it was short lived and  with some strong pick and goes a gap opened up on the side of ruck for them to score to the left of the up rights. Of the two side StuSta went into the break 17-10 the happier.
Some clear and direct words where spoken at the break leaving a clear message in the players - stand your ground over move over and let someone in who will.  3 changes where at half time due to injures - Maxime Gelly for Alex Loders, Max Fenske for Den Gill and Alex Schranz for Fred Begards. The players returned to field and took the message with them, with James Bratton leading the way with a massive hit on the powerful runner Kilai Schwahn (StuSta#6) to put him into touch. The subs made also made themselves know, Alex Schranz joined Ronan Lefebvre in collecting any high kick put their way and ran them back hard while also defending very intelligently forcing the students to make mistakes when they should have punished Munich. Max Fenske first game in two year in the bundesliga slotted in like he was never away. Eventually the students got some reward for the 15 minutes of contest pressure with another try but this time Ian failed with the conversion. 10-22. With the injuries continuing for Munich, Charles Delerue-Simon and Ronan Lefebvre  had to leave the pitch been replaced by Julian Köhnlein and Antoine Ducardonnet. Munich kicked off this time and put it deep into StuSta half, and for the first time in the half they got in the 22, and with some the good ball retention and quick hands walnuts Warner put Tobias Lefherz away in the corner.  With the conversion missed the game entered the final quarter 15-22. For the following 10 minutes, students continued as before setting up camp in Munich half hammering at the Munich defense looking to put the game away, a final shot at goal for Ian would been enough but he failed to convert. That was to be Ian Dawson's and Matteo Carrara final part of the game in what was a bazaar call and one which probably set in motion what was to follow. With the StuSta's strongest play makers off the pitch, the advantage in tactical kicking and strong running was nullified and Munich started to have more ball possession, all though where still not able to get into the right area of the field. The final substitution for Munich came in the 78th minute, Jan-Philipp Abels was replaced by Alan Moughty at scrum half.  Scrum for Munich on the 22, Scott walnut warner gave the call, then picked drawing the back row and offloaded inside to Alan Moughty, who was in open space with only the full back in front of him.  A little chip was the decision only for him to be taken out by the fullback. Advantage Munich with Walnuts and Moughty continuing to chase the ball which bobbled around inside the students 22 before they managed to get it out. Whistle blown and Munich opted for the penalty where the ball landed. A quick tap and Karl wolf carried hard at StuSta, quick ruck and again the forwards carried the ball, change of directions and James Bratton made his last carry of the game and once more, quick ball was made available for Moughty to feed walnut Warner who carried and offload to Max Fenske, who touched down in the corner - 20-22.  Alan Moughty lined up the kick with 45 seconds of the game left and place the ball through the middle of the posts  22-22.
Hammer: Ronan
MOM: James Bratton

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Karl Wolf
2. Alex Loders (ab 50.min Maxime Gelly)
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Pablo Puyalto (Capt.) (ab 8.min James Bratton)
5. John Bainbridge
6. Antoine Miguet
7. Lucas Marchi
8. Scott Warner
9. Denmarbie Gill (ab 41.min Max Fenske)
10. Charles Delerue-Simon (ab 60.min Julian Köhnlein)
11. Tobias Lefherz
12. David Clegg
13. Jan-Philipp Abels (ab 78.min Alan Moughty)
14. Ronan Lefebvre (ab 70.min Antoine Ducardonnet)
15. Frederic Begards (ab 41. min Alexandre Schranz)

Versuche: Scott Warner, Maxime Gelly, Max Fenske
Erhöhungen: Charles Delerue-Simon, Alan Moughty
Penalty: Charles Delerue-Simon