2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 10. Oktober 2015, Bericht:

München RFC :  Heidelberger TV
17 : 29

On a cloudy, rainy and misty day, perfect condition like the motherland of Rugby is showing. The Lions-Fans could see a quick and dynamic, hard and fair game against Heidelberger TV in Großhadern. After the last games loss 29:10 against Rottweil, the Lions were looking forward for a win on their home ground. At the beginning the Lions were looking confident, but Heidelberg was also awake and scored a quick 3 minutes try and that was the final wakeup for the Lions. For minutes later the lions scored with their quick number 14 Julian Köhnlein. The Lions were there and hungry for a win. The game was physical and quick. The new player Sidney Brenner (Heidelberger RK) who played inside center (12) for the Lions made his way through into the end zone, after an impressive phase play from the Forwards. After a successful conversion from the Lions 10 Max Fenske, who made a good game and controlled his team on the pitch. The game was really even. Both teams kept on working and where mentally there. Then Heidelberg could score two tries with their strong number 13 with two cut backs from their playmaker on 10 through the Lions-Defense. With a 12:17 halftime score and an attractive game to watch, the Lions did tank some new energy. The game started in the second half as it did in the first half, Heidelberg went straight through and scored another try next to the post and converted it to get to a score of 12:24. For minute’s later Heidelberg scored again with a breakthrough from their number 15. The second half was dominated from a fight of both teams and no Team could score for a long time. In the 56th minute Lions number 12 Sidney Brenner made a huge hit against the Heidelberg’s tall and heavy number 4 and unluckily the tackle was a turn on the head and so he was punished with a yellow card. That Card earned him the “Dick of the Day” Prize. At the same time he was dominant with some big hits, what made him to “The Hammer”. At the end of the game the Lions got up on a big level of physicality and fitness. The Lions kept on fighting and played phase per phase with their big scrum pack and their big number 4 Julian Bainbridge. He was leading the forwards pack and with his strong presence, what made him earn the “Man of the Match” title, the Lions could score again in the 80th minute with their number 17 Sebastian Schüppel, who made his way through after a great team work. Out of the loss the MRFC can say that they have the ability to be on top of this league.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Simon Laurich
2. Maxime Gelly (ab 50.min Quentin Degroote)
3. Karl Wolf
4. John Bainbridge
5. Bruno Diaquino
6. Scott Warner
7. Niklas Graf
8. James Bratton (ab 35.min Charles Delerue-Simon)
9. Giacomo Bernobi
10. Max Fenske
11. Tobias Lefherz (ab 55.min Sebastian Schüppel)
12. Sidney Brenner
13. Antoine Miguet
14. Julian Köhnlein
15. Gill Denmarbie

Versuche: Julian Köhnlein, Sidney Brenner, Sebastian Schüppel
Erhöhung: Max Fenske