Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 17. Oktober 2015, Bericht: Kevin Briggs


München RFC II : Würzburger RK
31 : 17

The Loins came out of the blocks roaring with a strong scrum lead by the solid Argentinian prop, definitely on a winner there (strongly suggest to quit his day job he was that good). However Würzburg quickly recovered and scored the first try through good short tight play. The Lions managed to compose themselves and quickly applied some pressure to force a penalty making it 3-7. A long battle  raged from 22 to 22 for the next 30 mins with both sides fighting hard to make ground. Alex The smallest and quietest cub from the lions kept his head down and lead the pack forward through good runs up the middle, knocking player after player out of his way. The hotly contested rucks ended up going Würzburg's way with another string of concise well timed runs soaking up the Lions defense allowing them to score a try. The Lions took it to heart with the Blonde Captain Richie McCaw rallying the troops and inspiring the talkative Tom to focus on running forward and score for the lions. Not to feel left out Alan quickly joined the conversation and converted to keep the Lions in the hunt shortly before half time.
Ten minutes into the second half the Schuster brothers teamed up with some quick pop passes to put the softer younger brother over the line. Würzburg managed to fight back and again put the Lions under pressure scoring on the wing. With a tied game the Lions refocused and rose up to the occasion and managed to put in 2 tries in the last 10 mins thanks to the duck diving Richie and the sneaky twinkle toes Alan to finish the game 31-17. Another good hard fought match with both teams putting everything on the pitch. DOD - Kev the touch judge (last time I'll help you buggers) MOM - Alex Hammer - Richie.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Marc Sijbers (ab 45.min Jerome Prieto)
2. Robert Schuster
3. Javier Gonzales (ab 3.min Tobias Mies)
4. Tom Grealish
5. Sam Cross
6. Tautuki Choice
7. Alexander Marka
8. Richard Schuster (Capt)
9. Alan Moughty
10. Sharma Himanshu
11. Pierre de Bartoli
12. Lion Fellner-Feldegg (ab 41.min Henrique Zingg)
13. Philipp Mack
14. Pierre de Bartoli
15. Stefan Strangmüller

Versuche: Tom Grealish, Robert Schuster, Richard Schuster, Alan Moughty
Erhöhungen: Alan Moughty 4x
Penalty: Alan Moughty