Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Nürnberg, 31. Oktober 2015, Bericht: Javier Gonzales


TSV 1846 Nürnberg : München RFC II
3 : 5

Saturday started quite early for the Lions and a full squad made the short trip to Nürnberg. It wasn't another game, a victory would guarantee MRFC a second place on the Regionalliga really close to Bad Reichenhall. A cold and foggy morning turned into a sunny and kinda warm day as the team approached Nürnberg. Everything was ready for another rugby day! The game itself was a bit chaotic with both teams having more intentions than rugby to show to the crowd. A few handling errors and slow balls in the ruck made it difficult for MRFC to do what they have been training during the last few weeks. Nürnberg had the iniciative in the first half, but a brilliant defence by Konsti "the wall" Bachmann, prevented the oppositon to score a try. They only scored by a  penalty and that set the score for the half time, 3:0 to the home team. For the second half the lions changed their mind and attitude and set the peace on the pitch. After a few minutes Kevin Briggs run through an ungarded ruck, avoided a few opponents and scored under the posts. A forgettable kick by the number 10 went a few centimeters out leaving a tight advantage on the score 3:5. MRFC kept control of the game for most of the second half, but a desperate Nürnberg team pushed the lions in their own 22 by the end of the game. But a great defense and the fresh legs that provided by 6 impact players kept Nürnberg away from MRFCs ingoal.
A special mention goes to Odi who played his first game for MRFC and got the Man of the Match!

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Marc Sijbers (ab 46.min Guilherme Buff)
2. Odirie Losaba
3. Antoinne Ducardonnet (ab 41.min Lion Fellner-Feldegg)
4. Padraig Noughton (ab 54.min Felix Mann)
5. Sam Cross
6. Tobias Mies (ab 41.min Henrique Zingg)
7. Jerome Prieto (ab 39.min Kevin Briggs)
8. Richard Schuster (Capt)
9. Robert Schuster
10. Javier Gonzales
11. Caiel Harnischfeger
12. Sharma Himanshu (ab 65.min Lion Holger Mannhardt)
13. Philipp Mack
14. Korbinian Vogel (ab 41.min Sebastian Strangmüller)
15. Konstantin Bachmann

Versuch: Kevin Briggs