2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 23. April 2016, Bericht:
Alan Moughty

München RFC : Stuttgarter RC
92 : 11

MRFC 1st prepared for the final home game of the league versus Stuttgart. One side playing for a home semi-final spot in the play offs, the other side playing to ensure they avoid relegation. A very dangerous proposition and as was mentioned during the week 'possible banana skin'. Munich kicked off and as expected Stuttgart were the ones playing like their lives depended on it and through their hard work they got the first 3 point of the game. The following 15 minutes MRFC went through the gears and crossed the white wash 3 times before Stuttgart replied with another 3 pointer.  19-6. The bonus point was wrapped up 5 minutes later when David danced his way over the line.  The final points of the half came from a well worked lineout move for Scott dot down. 33-6 half time.
During the break the message was simple - bring back 'our structure' into the game and work the phases. From the kick off, Munich did exactly what was asked and worked through the phases and with some great handling skills and off loads created 9 well worked tried. Stuttgart never gave up and showed great spirit to create a try of their own.
Over all a great team performance  with many players putting their hands up for a starting spot for next week game.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Karl Wolf
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Alex Loders (ab 46.min Gerd Gerhards)
4. Bruno Diaquino (ab 65.min Sam Cross)
5. Padraig Noughton
6. Niklas Graf
7. Scott Warner
8. Sidney Brenner (Capt) (ab 61.min Tautuki Choice)
9. Antoinne Miguet (ab 65.min Alan Moughty)
10. Sandro Tschaidse
11. Tobias Lefherz (ab 71.min Julian Köhnlein)
12. David Clegg (ab 71.min Alexandre Schranz)
13. Sebastian Schüppel
14. Javier Gonzales (ab 54.min Alexander Marka)
15. Frederic Begards

Versuche: Sebastian Schüppel 3x, Sandro Tschaidse 3x, Scott Warner 3x, Tobias Lefherz 2x, David Clegg 2x, Frederic Begards
Erhöhungen: Sandro Tschaidse 11x