Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Würzburg, 30. April 2016, Bericht: Nino Haase


Würzburger RK : München RFC II
3 : 5

Another weekend brought two delighting insights: The german summer seems to exist and the MRFC is presenting itself in an outstanding condition, being able to provide two full squads with both men teams playing away. Besides that, enough manpower for almost an entire third team would have been available and attented during last weeks training sessions. Something, which is rarely seen in german Rugby, especially when the season heads into its final weeks. The sportive challenge for the MRFC XV II was clear: Playing against RC Würzburg, being on the 6th place of the Regionalliga Bayern before the match, brought the odds clearly onto the MRFC side. But the first half clearly showed, that things are not as easy as some might have thought. One has to admit, that the first half was tough to watch for the 100 spectators at Sportzentrum Feggrube and only their nice seating in the sun on a natural stand right in front of a beautiful vineyard scenery justified their 2€ entrance fee. Despite of the lack of game flow, it was obvious, that the interpretation of the hooking rules during the scrum have not been congruent neither between the two front rows nor the female referee. Although the MRFC spent the most time in the opponents half, 6 out of 8 own scrums where lost due to the mentioned problems while throwing in. If balls were won, they got often lost in the following breakdown or werent converted fast enough from the backline to use the width of the pitch succesfully. Thanks to the better discipline of the bavarian capitals players, most of the possible counter situations could be turned into own penalties, which spent some relief and territory through succesful touch kicks to the MRFC. Some breaks from Borja Mandaluniz gave the Munich squad an optical advantage, but which never gave the opportunity for scoring a try. Nevertheless, RC Würzburg used one of the rare penalties in their favour to lead by 3 : 0 at half time, since the opportunity for Munich to equalize was missed from a promising position from Saturdays kicker Nino Haase.
The half-time speech from captain Quentin Degroote was not noisy, but tried to awake everybodys full-commitment and the awareness, that the current table position is not winning a game... Some changes were made in the first row, which improved the cooperation between scrum-half Julian Köhnlein and his new hooker Simon Laurich. Since the props Degroote and Delgado could fully use their physical advantages now, the scrum problems for Munich were fixed and also the match was an absolutely different one now. More often secure and fast balls were given to the backline, who could finally gain ground, either by opening the game towards their wings Harnischfeger and Pierre de Bortoli, with his last MRFC appearance, or due to the good eye of fly half Kevin Briggs, who spotted some defensive gaps between the Würzburg forwards and backline and used them for some good runs. But even though Munich was now superior in every aspect of the game, handling errors in good positions kept them from scoring, until the middle of the second half. A long penalty kick was set into touch several meters in front of the Würzburg tryline. After winning the subsequent line-out and several forward phases it was Quentin Degroote, who scored the try for Munich finally on the very right-side of the field. The conversion was taken by left-feeted Louis Keller, who gave a strong display after being substitued on the wing, but unfortunately for Munich, just missed the goal. 5:3 for Munich with roughly 20 minutes to go. Munich kept on going but an unfortunate lost breakdown after Harnischfeger brought a ball close to the try zone after a wide pass from second center Max Sonntag and a centimeter forward pass after a nice play from Ben Coney Critchley to Haase kept the MRFC away from putting any further points on the board. Würzburg wasnt allowed to play consecutive phases if they got hands to the ball afterwards and even though the result was really tight, one had the feeling, that Munich was always able to handle every Würzburg attack. So the only time, Munich was under a pressure in their own 22, a smart fast lineout by Köhnlein and the following beautiful clearance kick by Crotchley ended all the hopes of Würzburg to take home more than their one defensive bonus point, which they clearly deserved. With the loss of Unterföhring to Augsburg, Munich is now 6 points ahead of the second TSV 1846 Nürnberg, who is the next opponent on homeground in Großhadern on Saturday May, 14th. The chance of winning the Regionalliga Bayern on home turf are rising and that this is deserved, even besides the sportive performance, was proven in the after matchs boat race, which was clearly won by Munichs Man of the Match (Borja Mandaluniz, most effective runner), Hammer of the Day (Pierre de Bortoli, nice defensive work in his last match) and Dick of the Day (Nino Haase, for underestimating the distance between Schwabing and Pasing in the morning).

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Quentin Degroote (Capt.)
2. Constantin Kuhl (ab 70.min Tobias Mies)
3. Sergio Delgardo (ab 63.min Sebastian Boche)
4. Owain Williams
5. Nikolas Eggers (ab 68.min Jakob Rauch)
6. Simon Laurich
7. Caspar Hasner
8. Borja Mandaluniz
9. Julian Köhnlein
10. Kevin Briggs
11. Pierre de Bartoli (ab 47.min Louis Keller)
12. Nino Haase
13. Maximilian Sonntag
14. Caiel Harnischfeger (ab 72.min Stefan Strangmüller)
15. Benjamin Coney-Critchley

Versuch: Quentin Degroote