Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 14. Mai 2016, Bericht: Henrique Zingg


München RFC II : TSV 1846 Nürnberg
29 : 0

Bayerischer Regionalliga Meister 2016


The most important match of the season started two weeks ago after a tough game against RC Wuerzburg. MRFC had then to focus really hard to ensure his tittle. The moment finally arrived when captain Quentin Degroote gave his pre-match motivational speech and the boys entered that pitch with one goal, the tittle. After the kick off the Munich lions started dominating the opponents half constantly, few mistakes led to missed passes and turn overs. But consistency in the defense, led to recover the ball and start advancing to the try line.  Great commitment by the front lines and passes to the back led to the first try of Owain Williams in the 17th minute, giving the MRFC gents more motivation to keep fighting no matter what. Although the winning team kept dominating the game, it didn’t intimidate the opponent, which after every ruck intended to steal the ball and managed at some point to disrupt the defensive lines of the blue team.  Nevertheless attacks from Nuernberg were not successfully achieved due to miss performance of the back lines and the strong defense of Munich’s backs. Great performance from Ben Coney, who disrupted in three occasions with strong tackles and Kevin Briggs who managed to slipped him self through the defensive line of the opponent running at least 30 meters almost scoring a try. At almost half an hour from first kick off, the ball carrier Den Gill displacing him self through the opponents half pitch kicked the ball and was chased and caught at the try line by Lion Fellner-Feldegg, scoring MRFC’s second try.
The half time whistle was heard and the Munich’s lions gathered for a brief motivational speech, which led them to come stronger in the second half. Dominating almost every opponent’s lineouts by Sam Cross, who managed to steal the ball in the air repeatedly and increase the pressure on Nuernberg. Tension on Nuernberg was growing and the aggression at the pitch was starting to grow. Few encounters at the rucks led to the first yellow card for the visiting team. With 14 men on the pitch, hard efforts of the opponent seamed little. A penalty for Munich, played by Sam Cross, led for another try for the blues. Discipline on the winner’s side led them to advance meter by meter by its strong front lines and allowed Borja Mandaluniz to score Munich’s 3rd try after a couple of minutes.  
Increasing tension between both teams in the scrums and rucks started to bring discomfort to referee, causing this way a warning to captain Quentin, “next one is out”.  With only 10 minutes for the final whistle, the first yellow card for Munich lions shined, after a high tackle from Henrique Zingg. Resulting this way a higher effort for MRFC to keep the score. Finally the moment that everybody was waiting arrived, the final whistle, MRFC wins 29-0.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Quentin Degroote (Capt.)
2. Borja Mandaluniz
3. Sergio Delgardo
4. Owain Williams (ab 67.min Nikolas Eggers)
5. Sam Cross
6. Niklas Graf (ab 72.min Henrique Zingg)
7. Caspar Hasner (ab 75.min Tobias Mies)
8. Kevin Briggs (ab 60.min Constantin Kuhl)
9. Julian Köhnlein
10. Denmarbie Gill
11. Caeil Harnischfeger (ab 75.min Louis Keller)
12. Lion Fellner-Feldegg (ab 55.min Korbinian Vogel)
13. Benjamin Coney-Critchley
14. Tobias Lefherz (ab 70.min Jonas Schulte)
15. Konstantin Bachmann

Versuche: Owain Williams, Lion Feldner-Feldegg, Borja Mandaluniz, Penaltytry
Erhöhungen: Sam Cross 3x
Penalty: Sam Crosss