Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 28. Mai 2016, Bericht: Julian Köhnlein


München RFC II : RFC Augsburg
27 :15

Saturday was always going to be a special day for MRFC but it was gonna be even more special... After MRFC I secured the title in the 2nd Bundesliga Süd over a month ago MRFC II won the very competitive Regionalliga after a convincing win over TSV Nürnberg two weeks back. Celebrations were already set and the cup secured but the Lions wanted to continue their winning streak and finish off the season with yet another high. Todays opponent RFC Augsburg travelled highly motivated to the capital eager to maintain their second spot – in other words: it was set to be entertaining match for so many spectators at the Großhadern ground.
After the usual warm up routine and some motivational words from the homecomers Roger Hutchinson and Billinho Buff it was game time! To everyones surprise right after kickoff Augsburg managed to stay for quite a while in Munichs half and play some ball. Munichs defence managed to answer the physicality put in by the Augsburgs forwards and minute after minute the team adjusted their game plan and finally got some ball into hand. After several phases from the forwards and some nice hands on the far right side Ivan 'Iven' Kendzor dived over the line to score his well deserved first try for the club (12min, not converted). Several times the ref had to penalize both sides for illegal actions around the rucks and high tackles which in the end only the Munich sited Sam 'Mr-can-play-anything' Cross was able to use to extend the lead (15min, 8:0). Due to those actions the game became very slow with lots of ball carrying by the forwards, both sides eager not to make too many mistakes and safe some energy on this hot day.
Finally the Augsburg side managed to find a gap in the Munich line and rushed down field chased by several defenders just to be held up on the line, at least so it seems. The ref had to rely on his touch judge and awarded a try – disputable to say the least (28min, 8:7). Just when it seemed Augsburg was going to get a bit of a momentum going Tooks Choice scored under the post after the loose forwards made good ground in the opponents 22m. Special mentions to Mr-can-play-anything who decided not to convert but hit one of the posts instead of slotting in through (36min, 13:7). All 22 players were keen to hear the half time whistle and get a couple of minutes rest in the shade – HT score: 13:7.
Going into the second half the motto from coach/player Alan Moughty was fairly simple: stick to the game plan, tire the Augsburg forwards and also enjoy the last 40min of rugby for several months. Big subs were made (Loders & Degroote in for Hutchinson & Buff) to keep the advantage in the set piece. Two minutes into second half Richie 'grumpy face' Schuster dived over the line after a very well executed line-out move, beforehand the ref yet again penalized Augsburg in the ruck which led to a beautiful placement kick by Den Gill (42min - converted by Cross, 20:7). Augsburg though was quick to answer and scored only minutes later after the Munich line decided not to tackle the Augsburgs backline and let them score in the left corner (20:12). Just like that Augsburg was back in it and was given another chance to tighten the score after being awarded a penalty on MRFCs 22m (52min, 20:15). Because of too many mistakes by the men in blue and unsuccessful penalty kicking by Cross and Moughty it was now a one-score game and MRFCs unbeaten record in danger. On top of that scrum half Juju Köhnlein was sent off the pitch with a yellow card after dirty play in a ruck, so he was told. At this point Munich stepped up in defence und several players lifted their game by putting big tackles in (Degroote, Loders, Lefherz) which resulted into a lot more ball possession. With only several minutes left on the clock MRFC get awarded yet another penalty and with their last try in mind opted for a line out once more. After yet another superb throw by Munichs #8 Borja Mandaluniz a mall was formed which led to a try by Alex Loders who is working desperately on his game-score balance, so far: 123:2. At the end Cross finds his boot once more and hammers the conversion over the post from far out (75min, 27:15).
Fulltime score remains 27:15 which puts a great end to an even greater season for MRFC. Cup winner in the Regionalliga with a clean sheet and also Champion of the 2nd Bundesliga Süd!
Special thanks go out to all the supporters and everyone involved!

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Roger Hutschinson (ab 41. Alex Loders)
2. Constatin Kuhl
3. Guilherme Buff (ab 41.min Quentin Degroote) (Capt.)
4. Owain Williams
5. Richard Schuster
6. Tautuki Choice
7. Caspar Hasner (ab 65.min Henrique Zingg)
8. Borja Mandaluniz
9. Julian Köhnlein (ab 72.min Stefan Strangmüller)
10. Denmarbi Gill
11. Ivan Kendzor (ab 41.min Alan Moughty)
12. Tobias Lefherz
13. Sam Cross
14. Korbinian Vogel (ab 76.min Karsten Konduktorow)
15. Louise Keller

Versuche: Ivan Kondzor, Tautuki Choice, Alex Loders, Richard Schuster
Erhöhungen: Sam Cross 2x
Penalty: Sam Cross