Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Nürnberg, 17. September 2016, Bericht: Leandro Gatti


TSV 1846 Nürnberg : München RFC II
19 : 15

First day of the "Wiesn" and first match of the season for the Munich Lions II. The city of Munich was full of people, and it was already a challenge to reach the Ostbahnhof, but after a little delay we were already on the way to Nürnberg. We were really proud to start the season again, and to show that we still are the Champions of the league 2015-2016. After arriving at the pitch, the blues started to warm up just with only half an hour, Alan Moughty made his motivational speech and suddenly the game had started. After the kick off, the Munich Lions started dominating the opponents constantly, few mistakes led to missed passes and turn overs. But consistency in the defense, led to recover the ball and start advancing to the try line. Great commitment by the front lines, specially by Constantin, which after a well performance the first penalty was generated. With the highly accuracy of Alan Moughty, MRFC started winning by 0-3 at the minute 8'. Although the winning team kept dominating the game, it didn’t intimidate the opponent, which after every ruck intended to steal the ball and managed at some point to disrupt the defensive lines of the blue team. Nevertheless, attacks from Nürnberg were not successfully achieved due to miss performance of the back lines and the strong defense of Munich’s backs. Somehow, in spite of bad weather conditions, we could recover the position and the control of the game, and at the minute 10´ arrived the first try of the season thanks to Alan Moughty, finishing the first-half by an advantage of 0-8. The second half started with a big pressure from Nürnberg, but we could defend it dominating almost every ruck by Alberto Andreetto, who managed to steal the ball in many occasions. Tension on Nürnberg was growing and the aggression at the pitch was increasing as well.
After many minutes of permanent defense, our guys started to be tired, physically the people of Nürnberg was more prepared, and finally arrived the first try for them.
That motivated and woke up the MRFC, and at the minute 66' after a great attack strategy managed by our forwards, arrived the second try thanks to a very quick and smart action by Mr. Schenk. Alan Moughty still increased the advantage by converting the kick into 2 additional points.
The pressure started to increase, and the first yellow cards arrived as well. With 14 men on the pitch, and a highly motivated opponent, it was more difficult to stop the attack of Nürnberg and they scored their second try, reducing the advantage by 12-15. The blues were doing their best, and putting big efforts to avoid every offensive of Nürnberg, but they were even faster and after some more minutes, they did the last try of the game, leaving the score on 19-15.
It was a tough game, but I can confirm that despite of the final score, the MRFC guys are back again, and on the right path to keep the hard-working, motivation and teamwork skills, in order to have a successful season 2016-2017.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Sergio Delgardo (ab 35.min Roger Hutschinson)
2. Constatin Kuhl
3. Alberto Andreotto
4. Jakon Rauch (ab 55.min Yassin Barik)
5. Nikolas Eggers (ab 5.min Patrick Schenk)
6. Mathiew Domange
7. Daniel Weber
8. Caspar Hasner
9. Alan Moughty
10. Raul Bolanos Suarez
11. Carlos Prieto (ab 60.min Ivan Kendzor)
12. Jack Wills
13. Leandro Gatti
14. Tobias Mies (ab 60.min Felix Mann)
15. Jonas Schulte

Versuche: Alan Moughty, Patrick Schenk
Erhöhung: Alan Moughty
Penalty: Alan Moughty