Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 22. April 2017, Bericht: Mathieu Domange


Rose Tower Grafenwöhr : München RFC II
14 : 83

What a great rugby day was this Saturday ! Meeting together in Pasing Far West in the morning, where one of our busses ran out of battery before departure. But the team made its way to the pitch. Arrival at the Grafenwoehr Air Base with a gentle british weather: the game started under light rain and heavy wind. The ref unfortunately did not show up, and Owain very kindly proposed to take over the whistle and to referee the game. It was quite a chaotic start, with the ball bumping from a player to the other, but MRFC opened the score after 5 minutes with a try from Jack Wills. With wind and bad angle, Alan could not make the conversion. Despite the difficulty to give structure to the game, MRFC team increased the score with a try from Billinho, not converted. At the 15th minute after a bad pass the 14 from Rose Tower picked the ball and ran through to lay the ball between the poles, easing the conversion. 7-10. 19th minute: Alan breaks after a maul and give the ball to Brice, Try! But no conversion. Many balls dropped and confusion on the pitch, but Leandro took advantage at the 22nd minute to sneak between the defense and lay a try, with conversion from Alan! 7-22. At minute 27, Alan breaks the line after off loaded pass and reaches the try line, no conversion. Minute 32, Alan again with Brice after complete scrum domination. Try from Alan and conversion from Alan. 7-34.
Clumsy pass from MRFC boys which benefited again to Rose Tower: interception, try and conversion at minute 40. At the half time the score stood 14 to 34, a comfortable lead but a questionable performance from Munich.
Great start with a try from Brice after a maul on Grafenwoehr 5m line. Converted. MRFC switched on and started the try festival : Try from Tobi at 59', try converted from Dave at 62', try converted from Max at 66'. The Grafenwoehr team started to contest the ref, with one yellow card given by Owain for gross behavior toward the ref from a Rose Tower player at 69'. In the ten last minutes the pace did not slow down, and Munich-men laid and converted 3 other tries!! 72' from Kevin, 77' from Alan and 78' from Max, with the Rose Tower team getting another yellow card for tackling Dave while being lifted on a line out! Final score 14-83, and great result for MRFC to build on. Thanks to the boys from Rose Tower Titans and a big thank you to Owain for swapping his MRFC jersey against a ref one.

Fotos: hier

Mannschftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Guilherme Buff
2. Harvey Jackson
3. Quentin Degroote (Capt.)
4. Kevin Briggs
5. Patrick Schenk (ab 25.min Maximilian Nieland)
6. David Clegg
7. Mathieu Domange (ab 65.min Jamil Habsch)
8. Brice N´Gom
9. Alan Moughty
10. Jack Wills
11. Tobias Mies (ab 41.min Niko Mclachlan)
12. Tobias Lefherz
13. Leandro Gatti
14. Stefan Strangmüller (ab 60.min Caiel Harnischfeger)
15. Julian Köhnlein

Versuche: Alan Moughty 3x, Brice N´Gom 2x, Maximilian Nieland 2x, Jack Wills, Guilherme Buff, Leandro Gatti, Tobias Lefherz, David Clegg, Kevin Briggs
Erhöhungen: Alan Moughty 9x