Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Augsburg, 11. November 2017, Bericht: Alexander Marka


RFC Augsburg : München RFC II
5 : 10

It was a cold, rainy and stormy day, however all players including around 10 supporters met punctually at 11am to catch the train to Neusäß. After a short hike through the suburbs of Augsburg we arrived. We got changed and had a short talk before warming up. Warm up went very well, with everybody focusing on their jobs. Coach Warner and Steve Harries took us back to the changing rooms and held such passionate speeches that the players didn’t notice the icy winds until the end of the game. Kick Off for MRFC. The forwards Barik, Dobson and Vogel put a lot of pressure on the opposition with their chase, forcing Augsburg to kick the ball to touch. Line Outs worked well with Kritzer throwing precise balls and Martin and Delgado Lifting our jumpers up high. MRFC continued to push forward, playing some good phases. The support play was strong and the rucks were secured well by Pfältzer and the forwards. Pretty soon Lefherz was popped the ball and he scored a try right under the posts. Fly Half Popperwell easily converted the try. After that Lefherz decided that he had done a good job and didn’t have to play anymore, especially because he dislocated his finger. Lienhard replaced him and continued to work hard throughout the game. The ball went back and forwards, nevertheless, MRFC continued to put pressure on Augsburgs backs, with Gonzalez, Marka and Schranz shutting down space and forcing Augsburg to kick to touch over and over again. Kenison and Mies stopped any threat coming in from the oppositions wing. MRFC received a penalty, which once again was easily scored by Popperwell. Half time and it was 10:0 to München RFC.
Tackling was strong in the first half, however we wanted to do better. In the second half we had less possession and had to rely on our defensive abilities. Despite, a strong start to the second half, Augsburg scored a try in the corner, but did not convert. This is when we realised, that we have to switch back on and play like in the first half. We started subbing players off, as we needed fresh energy with all the defensive work we were doing. Michelfelder came onto our Wing and had to deal with many of Augsburg’s clearance kicks going behind the defensive line. Kuhl, Mannhardt and van Ingen came on to strengthen our Pack. The team showed great mentality until the final whistle. Making one positive tackle after another, forcing Augsburg to make simple handling errors, due to our line speed. When we had the ball, we made quite a few meters, however we didn’t secure the ball enough, which we will work on in future. The last 10 minutes were just pure defence by MRFC. Roberts-Harry, who had a great game, made Schranz jealous with a shoulder dislocating, try saving tackle. We were lucky to have the MRFC Treasurer Ehlers to replace him and play for the rest of the game. I was very proud of the team and still am. It was great to see the passion in everyone’s eyes and as the final whistle went you could feel how happy every single MRFC player was. We celebrated the rest of the night, especially on the train.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Jose Martin
2. Joshua Kritzler (ab 50.min Lucas Mannhardt)
3. Sergio Delgardo
4. Raphael Pfälzer (ab 50.min Constantin Kuhl)
5. Yassin Barik
6. Korbinian Vogel (ab 55.min Niklas van Ingen)
7. Tobias Lefherz (ab 15.min Christoph Lienhardt)
8. Michael Dobson
9. Adam Popperwell
10. Javier Gonzales
11. Douglas Kenison (ab 60.min Valentin Neuhaus)
12. Alexander Marka
13. Alexandre Schranz (ab 41. min Alexander Michelfelder)
14. Tobias Mies
15. Ieuan Roberts-Harry (ab 75.min Gerriet Ehlers)

Versuch: Tobias Lefherz
Erhöhung: Adam Popperwell
Penalty: Adam Popperwell