Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 19. Mai 2018, Bericht: Robin Compeyron


München RFC II : RC Regensburg 2000
60 : 5

MRFC II was receiving RC Regensburg 2000 for a rescheduled game from the 14 of April.
Whereas Regensburg was in the top trio of the league, the MRFC Lions, from the last place in the rankings, could already see the sword of relegation above their heads threatening to dive on our Blues. A slight North-East breeze was sweeping the ground, bringing a nice cover of grizzled quiet and dry clouds over the field, which, combined with pleasurable 21 degree temp, was synonymous to perfect rugby conditions.
The coach, Alan Moughty, took advantage of the day-off of the first team, to bring some freshness in the squad with some experienced players from the firsts who weren’t part of the trip that led to a thrilling close win the week-end before in Heidelberg. This willing was also illustrated by giving the chance to number 9 Antoine Miguet to captain for his first game back in the seconds. Although the kick-off, aimed to be at 14.30, was delayed by 15 minutes due to some traffic jam encountered by Regensburg on the way to Munich. The early stages, featured a missed penalty from Regensburg, turning out to be cut short. Rapidly on good pressure of our bunch of Lions, Regensburg was steered to play ball in hands in front of their own 22m line. Under such a pressure, small imprecision begin to appear, and decisions were faltering. And here came a pass a bit higher than the average. A pass that didn’t catch the hands of its receiver and the ball hit the ground letting a large open door for Robin Compeyron to pick the ball and to dash under the posts. The conversion by our French Johnny Wilkinson, Sir Fred Bégard, passed easily between the posts. And MRFC II were already leading 7-0 after only a couple of minutes into the game. Leading was one thing, but another one was that we needed the bonus point to put as much space as possible between the bottom of the league and us.  That’s something the players didn’t forget. In fact, after the restart kick-off, the blues were rapidly visiting again the opposite 22m. And, on a nice move of the backs, the piercing arrow Ieuan (pronounce “Ewan” for civilized people) Roberts-Harry, the charming and talented 15, came in like a breaking ball, delivering the leather to Javier Gonzalez, who, like a jaguar sprang out of his opposite wing to come in support on the left side and tore apart the last pieces of defense Regensburg had. From the left corner and on his good foot, the right-footed shooter Fred Dan Bégards didn’t shiver and converted the try increasing MRFC’s advance up to 14-0. At no point did Regensburg seem to worry MRFC. Thus, after a huge earth-moving work from the forwards, metronome Antoine Miguet could deliver a more than exploitable ball to his backs. A ball that was doomed, after a well performed combination, to end into some jaguar’s paws flying to the try. This time in the right corner, on a pass from Chris Hetherton “Ashton”, Javier Gonzalez could score his second try of the day, widening the gap and installing MRFC with 19 points of advance against his opponent of the day. At that time, one try more was needed to reach the 5-points Grail victory that consisted in the first step out of the red zone of the league. Unfortunately, or maybe to bring more suspense in that one-way game, Großhadern flickered. On the kick-off following previous try, the adverse and brilliant number 10 tried to change side, kicking in the wide space on the backs side. Launched, Robin Compeyron caught the ball and passed by the first defenders but was stuck by the number 10 in second wall. And, on a dangerous off-load, he delivered a piece of gold right into the hands of the same agile number 10. A piece of gold that turned out to be a piece of jewelry, when this goldsmith master slalomed into our defense firing to the right corner post, inscribing by the same time, the first 5 points of Regensburg 2000. 5 points that would turn out to be the only one in the whole game for the visitors. The conversion, from the line-out line was missed and our Lions were ready to rumble again. A thing that Ramathan Govule had totally understood. On the perfectly targeted kick-off from Fred Bégards, Rambadathan could take the ball alone in the middle of the nice clearing that Regensburg’s forwards had nicely set up. Speed and breaking tackles is something that Ramathan “Betsen” Govule mastered, and cutting his way into Regensburg’s open wound, he went to score the 4th try of MRFCs bonus point hunt, celebrating it with the famous “suuu…” gesture of his soccer counterpart CR7. Fred Bégards, in typical French no. 10 inconsistent fashion, and probably still digesting the last taken try, missed the conversion letting the advance of the blues to 24-5. The end of the second half was surely a bit more balanced. Maybe because of the appearance of some imprecision in our game and some good clearance kicks from Regensburg, occupying the spaces. Imprecision well illustrated by the nice knock-on by a far too quickly played 22m kick-off realized by some Ugandan player, whose name I’ll keep quiet.  (and it’s without saying that it should have afforded him the writing of this report from my point of view). The game, gently steering to the half-time, was about to see another noticeable movement. Back into Regensburg’s 22m with a nice placed line-out, 5 meters away from the try line, conductor Antoine Miguet was leading his pack, or rather his bulldozer in direction of the Promised Land. But gravel got stuck in the machinery, and he was forced to trigger a series of pick-and-go before giving the ball to the Ugandan kob, Ramathan Govule, who could dive over the try line scoring his second try of the day. Freddy Bégards, recovered his feet, and could convert the try just before the half-time. Half time score : 31-5.
The second half took the same shape as the first one, but would let more space to the forwards to reveal their magic. Indeed, enjoying a line-out on the left side near Regensburg’s 22m, a well executed combination let the sneaky Antoine Miguet take the ball and run through Regensburg’s players, delivering the ball to Mathieu Gougibus (or rather Gougitractor), who after following in support, smashed a couple of tackles and plunged into the try zone scoring the 6th try of the prolific day. Again, Federico Bégards could add 2 more points to the bill, and carrying the score to 38-5 in favor of MRFC. Some moments later in the game, we were once more glimpsing the try line in our sights. And this time on the right part of the field, after some pick-and-go, it’s the tall toreador Miguel Hernandez who caught hold of the ball and slipped swiftly through Regensburg’s bars and landed after the chalk line, giving 5 more points to MRFC. Just after, Fred “sniper” Bégards was adding 2 more points at the scoreboard. His last successful conversion of the game in fact. The following try, saw the hooker, General Joshua Kritzer, well inspired in not consuming himself inside the ruck, and waiting for the ball to come back, get the ball in open field and round off a proper hands to hands action, creating the space to flatten the ball on the ground. That type of collective action that should be showed in the rugby schools. Two tries are now missing to the roll call. The first one, went after a clearance kick followed by Owain “Bill” Williams. Struggling with the opposite winger for the ball, he managed to kickpass the ball in direction of the try line to Fred “Müller” Bégards who could push again the ball with his feet until he got grip of it and score his last 5 points of the game, inspired by his idol Yionel Beauxis for missing kicks. The last try was scored gently by the elegant José Martin, who as a proper prop, propelled himself properly into the try zone concluding another huge bulldozer work from the forwards and giving a new surge of envy for next game away in Bad Reichenhall.
Score at full time : 60-5
Let us now thank the referees and Regensburg’s team for this game, wishing them all the best for the last games of the season.
Thanks for reading !
(Note: This story is inspired of a true story, any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely intentional.)
Mom : Ramathan Govule
Hammer : Mathieu Gougibus
Dod : Robin Compeyron

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Mathieu Gaugibus
2. Joshua Kritzer (ab 70.min Owain Williams)
3. Quentin Degroote (Capt.) (ab 65.min Jose Martin)
4. Patrick Schenk (ab 65.min Lukas Mannhardt)
5. Mariano Francolino (ab 60.min Miguel Hernandez)
6. Tautuki Choice (ab 50.min Christopher Köppen) 
7. Ramathan Gavule
8. David Clegg
9. Antoine Miguet
10. Frederic Begards
11. Carlos Prieto (ab 70.min Ivan Kendzor)
12. Robin Compeyron
13. Chris Heatherton
14. Javier Gonzales (ab 55.min Tobias Mies)
15. Ieuan Roberts-Harry

Versuche: Javier Gonzales 2x, Ramathan Gavule 2x, Mathieu Gaugibus, Joshua Kritzer, Frederic Begards, Robin Compeyron, Martin Jose, Miguel Hernandez
Erhöhungen:  Frederic Begards 5x