Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 16. Juni 2018, Bericht: Adam Popperwell


München RFC II : RFC Augsburg
50 : 10

It was a must win game for Munich second team at Grosshardern. Although Augsburg were second in the league, they had come down to Munich with a point to prove after their last encounter with MRFC (a 10-5 loss last december). The Munich lads all turned up with the right attitude, ready to get the job done. The opening minutes of the game showed to be a physical match up in defence, with both teams not quite being able to break through. The first points on the scoreboard came from Munich’s number 9, Robin Compeyron (and his right boot). For the next 20 minutes, Munich were pinned in their own 22 defending against Augsburg’s purposeful attack. Munich defended valiantly on their own line until an Augsburg player was red carded for throwing a punch in a ruck. Munich exited their 22 and began to gain territory. Munich’s first try came at the 35th minute of the game. After a perfect off the top line out, the ball was quickly and skillfully thrown out wide to Ieuan Roberts-harries whose straight running line and “cheeky” pop pass, created vast amounts of space for Seb Schueppel (who had been running a loop behind Ieuan) to run in the try. Before the first half whistle was blown, Munich kicked behind Augsburg, placing pressure on the defending back three. On the 39th minute, Munich had a lineout on the Augsburg 5m line. With another great lineout to the front man, Munich created a maul, dragging in Augsburg defenders. Two crash ball phases later, Owain williams crashed over the try line next to the posts, making it an easy conversion for Robin Compeyron. HT- 15-0.
Munich took further advantage of their lead, with Owain Williams scoring another try from a well worked line out/maul, crash ball Play. For the next 20 minutes, Munich dominated attack. The team’s excellently executed structure allowed MRFC to play their favourite style of fast rugby which Augsburg struggled to defend against. Tries were scored by: Owain Williams (again…), Adam Popperwell. (29-0). Augsburg were not yet defeated. Ill discipline in the center of the park gave the Augsburg 10 the opportunity to take a quick penalty and spin the ball wide to their winger, who scored a try. Augsburg also score another similar try to this 20 minutes later. Munich kept their tempo, with further tries coming from Alan Moughty, Seb Schueppel, and Jamil Habbash.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1.  Quentin Degroote (Capt.) (ab 55.min Lukas Mannhardt)
2. Joshua Kritzer (ab 41.min Jose Martin)
3. Mathieu Gaugibus (ab 55.min Odrille Losaba)
4. Owain Williams (ab 65.min Max Strote)
5. Mariano Francolino
6. Niklas van Ingen (ab 65.min Hugh Butler) 
7. David Clegg
8. Alan Moughty (ab 70.min Jamil Habasch)
9. Robin Compeyron
10. Adam Popperwell
11. Tobias Mies (ab 41.min John O´Donnnell)
12. Chris Hetherton
13. Sebastian Schüppel
14. Carlos Prieto
15. Ieuan Roberts-Harry

Versuche: Sebastian Schüppel 2x, Owain Williams 2x, Adam Popperwell, Alan Moughty, Jamil Habash
Erhöhungen:  Robin Compeyron 6x
Penalty: Robin Compeyron