2. Bundesliga Süd
Unterföhring, 29. September 2018, Bericht:
Sam Cross

RC Unterföhring : München RFC
14 : 17

On the middle weekend of the Wiesn, as Italians clad in ‘traditional’ garb amassed in Munich to drink themselves sillier, MRFC made the short trip towards the airport to face off against local rivals RC Unterföhring. Featuring a strong forward pack and a back line which, though without Jacob ‘friends are visiting’ Fafiolu, was bolstered by the return of Peter Morris from the UK, the away team were focussed on the task at hand. They knew they had the tools to come away from the game victorious if they correctly applied them, were clinical and fronted up in defence to a tough Unterföhring side which becomes a stronger and more formidable opponent year upon year. 
The game began with Munich camped for an extended period in the Unterföhring half, hammering on the door trying to find a way through a very organised defence. After a period of sustained pressure, a lack of discipline from Munich allowed the home team to deservedly clear their lines after an impressive defensive display. The blues’ forwards showed their strength as they absolutely dominated the scrums, including winning several against the head, leaving a stable attacking platform for the backs. Unfortunately the backs, led ably by the half back combination of Dorian Gomez and Paul Emile-Bernard, were unable to convert this into points on a narrow pitch where every yard gained was hard won. After withstanding some attacks from RCU, MRFC were able to take the lead through a Gomez penalty, before having two tries disallowed from the sideline for forward passes. Soon thereafter the home side levelled the scores with a penalty of their own. 
At this point Munich could justifiably be accused of beginning to panic, trying to play too quickly and making rash decisions - such as attempting a penalty kick from the halfway line - rather than focussing on the territory-based strategy planned pre-game which was so important on such a narrow pitch. As halftime approached MRFC worked their way back into the opposition 22 and, just before the half, inside centre Sam Cross, returning from injury after being sidelined for 6 months, made use of the many extra kilos accrued during the break to crash over his opposite number to score and restore Munich’s lead. 
The second half was another battle for territory characterised by ill-discipline from both sides, with Munich being repeatedly caught offside – at least demonstrating that the preceding week’s lessons on line speed hadn’t gone unheard. This ill-discipline came to a head as Ramatan Govule saw yellow for multiple infractions within a couple of minutes. Unterföhring saw their opportunity to work their way back into the game and were well-drilled, using their man advantage to create gaps in the defence, as Morris ran quivering away from the man he was defending enabling the Unterföhring centre to break through for a deserved score. A delightful dropkick from the RCU fly-half rounded off a period of dominance for the home side. Munich responded and spectators and teammates alike were shocked to observe a rampant David Clegg, ball in hand, running faster than when last orders are called at the bar.
A major theme from the game was Adrian Schiller’s unwillingness to find himself on the scoresheet. The hooker was seen on multiple occasions to do everything in his power to avoid putting the ball down over the line, including jumping directly on top of a defender who was lying on the floor over the try line. However, his pièce de résistance came late in the game, as another barnstorming run led to him powering over the line with defenders hanging onto him. At this point he proceeded to, in his words, “pass” [drop] the ball backwards, where a delighted Gerd Gerhards pounced on top to score an opportunistic try. Talk about the front row union! 
What followed was a tight finish and a big defensive push from MRFC to keep RCU from scoring once more. As the game drew to a close, Munich were able to hold the opposition out and were able to find touch to bring an end to a very even, fair and well-contested encounter, heading back down the S8 with a 14-17 win.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Karl Wolf (ab 45.min Joshua Kritzer)
2. Adrian Schiller
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Hugo Boddaert
5. Mariano Francolino (ab 57.min Olivian Gilea)
6. Antoine Miguet
7. Ramathan Govoule
8. David Clegg
9. Dorian Gomez
10. Emile Paul Bernard
11. Alexandre Schranz
12. Sam Cross
13. Peter Morris
14. Robin Compeyron
15. Javier Gonzales (ab 69.min Kieran Munelly)

Versuche: Sam Cross, Gerd Gerhards
Erhöhungen: Dorian Gomez 2x
Penalty: Dorian Gomez