2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 13. Oktober 2018, Bericht: Mariano Francolino

München RFC : SC Neuenheim
17 : 53

It was a sunny and warm day in Großhadern, perfect condition for a rugby game. The Lions knew that its gonna be a tough game against an almost professional team. In the end the budget supporting both teams was the only thing that stood out as commitment and spirit is something that it very hard to coach. The physicality and attitude that both teams displayed during the whole game could not have been better shown by the massive hit on Neuenheim hooker in the try zone who decided he was going to walk over another body to score underneath the posts but ended up with Sean Birkett taken the hit and then driving him out over the dead ball line ( this after doing the same for 80minutes for the 2nd team). There were nerves from the home team and this showed with kickoff not going the 10m. This allowed SCN the perfect start with a scrum in the middle of the park which resulted with a try from a strike move.  The defense and line-speed from MRFC did cause SCN issues, they just could not get the 'go forward' ball as quick as they would have wished. They had to work so hard to get over the gain line. But it was the SCN’s ability from turn over ball to strike and score that was the main difference on the day with 3/4 tries been scored.   After a great brake on the line from Sam Cross, during the tackle and he received a shoulder injury which gave the chance to Alex Marka to come in, after playing an awesome 80 minutes for the second team. Neuenheim still found it very hard to brake the line. But with their set piece, SCN were clearly dominant in the scrum in the first half and laid the platform to attack. This was seen by the very questionable decision by the man in middle who awarded a scrum instead of penalty when the lions defended the maul very intellectually by not connecting and thus causing SCN to create obstruction when they brought the ball to back of the maul. Even more strange was the decision to use the SCN captain as a TMO (Television Match official) to ask if they scored or not!!!!!.   SCN’s Line-out worked in patches and they did manage to score twice from their driving maul but the defensive work by the Lions in the Line-Out did cause a lot of trouble for them. It was probably expected that this would be another big win with over 100 point, which can be expected. But the home team had their over goals. Be physical and get up of the ground faster than the opposition. Which they did and it obviously showed as the away team needed to work extremely hard to get some of their scores.  As like Sam Cross injury came from the physicality, SCN allow experienced the same with two players unfortunately having their game abruptly ended due to injury. The scores from the lions where well deserved and involved multiple players with our own Hercules (Hugo) been the leader in both scores smashing through the opposition.  His partner in the 2nd row Mathieu Gougibus also deserved a mention as he carried the ball and broke through the defense on a regular basics and he is also not afraid to make the hits with the same speed in defense.
The game ended 17-53.  With lots of positives and exciting moments for the supporter it was over all a very good game and one to remember for all players involved.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Adrian Schiller (ab 36.min Mariano Francolino)
2. Martin Jose
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Hugo Boddaert
5. Mathieu Gougibus
6. Miguel Hernandez (ab 70.min Sean Brikett)
7. Antoine Miguet (ab 75.min Owain Williams)
8. Ramathan Govoule
9. Dorian Gomez
10. Emile Paul Bernard
11. Kieran Munelly
12. Sam Cross (ab 49.min Alexander Marka)
13. Fred Odur
14. Alexandre Schranz (ab 70.min Jacob Fafiolu)
15. Frederic Begards (ab 72.min Shaun O´Donoghue)

Versuche: Ramathan Govoule, Jacob Fafiolu
Erhöhungen: Dorian Gomez 2x
Penalty: Dorian Gomez