2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 27. Oktober 2018, Bericht: Dorian Gomez

München RFC : Stusta Rugby München
17 : 10

The Bavarian capital was surrounded by a tense atmosphere. The streets were empty. Even the flies were not brave enough to go out. On this Saturday, 27th of October, RFC München and Stusta were about to have an 80 minute battle to rule the city. It was derby day.
For his great return, coach Scott Warner brought the nice conditions and weather from Rosebeefland. The frogs were everywhere in Großharden. No offloads were expected, it was all about throwing bricks and destroying the opponent. Both teams were ready to fight. Even Jacob Fafiolu was present. The RFC München needed to find the way to victory again after 2 defeats on their pitch. The bells rang twice, it's 2pm, the referee released the beast. It was on.
The blue lions started well, dominating in the Stusta 22m. Unfortunately, they were rushing things and a bit panicky, playing penalties quickly instead of taking points. Stusta got away from this without any points. MRFC opened the score few moments after this thanks to a penalty converted by their french fly half. 10 minutes of the game, 3-0 on the score table. The SMR got the hand on the ball and joined our lovely team 8 minutes after, 3-3. They kept the possession, but MRFC was defending with rage, especially on their line where they saved a try. However,a mistake came quickly, and the flanker Hugo Boddaert saw yellow for 10 minutes after a silly kick on the ball in a ruck. At 14 against 15, the blues needed to defend even more. Though, after a nice first hand move, Stusta succeeded to break the defence line on their 22m line and scored a try just before half time: 3-10.
MRFC got back from the break fit as ever. Thanks to their destroying scrum, they put Stusta in pain. With a speedy Gonzales start at the back of the scrum, a step in, number 8 Ramadan Govule tricked Stuta defense and scored a try, allowing the lions to come back. 10-10 and 35 minutes left to play. Impacts were tough, and obliged our hooker José Martin to change. Our scum half and captain Antoine Miguet became in charge of line outs and decided to throw nice pizza 4 fromages and amazing calzones. Both teams were aggressive, with a sustained pressure in defense. MRFC were too many times offsides, but thankfully, Stusta's kicker was not having a good day and missed 2 penalities. Everybody thought that this game was going to end without any winner. Hugo Boddeart did not agree with this idea and decided at the last second to start out of nowhere a 50m run, smashing opponents and surfing with the lineout line, to finally score in the corner. He released a team and their amazing supporters with this try, making all of the town blue.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Karl Wolf
2. Martin Jose (ab 65.min Adrian Schiller)
3. Gerd Gerhards  (ab 56.min Guilherme Buff)
4. Sean Birkett
5. Mathieu Gougibus (ab 75.min Owain Williams)
6. Miguel Hernandez
7. Hugo Boddaert
8. Ramathan Govoule
9. Antoine Miguet (Capt.)
10. Dorian Gomez
11. Kieran Munelly (ab 39.min Robin Compeyron)
12. Jacob Fafiolu
13. Frederic Begards
14. Alexandre Schranz
15. Emile Paul Bernard

Versuche: Ramathan Govoule, Hugo Boddaert
Erhöhungen: Dorian Gomez 2x
Penalty: Dorian Gomez