2. Bundesliga Süd
Stuttgart, 3. November 2018, Bericht: Robin Compeyron

Stuttgarter RC : München RFC
22 : 47

Chapter One: A week before…
On Saturday 27th of October, MRFC lead by Miguet could take the best over Stusta after a thrilling ending with a Hugo’s try on the last action of the game.
Chapter Two: Saturday
In a period of holidays in Bavaria, numbers were cut short, and it’s with 16 players – rapidly cut short to 15, after the injury in warm-up of Adam glasslegs Popperwell – that Munich travelled to the Mercedes country. Even injuried, Mr. Popperwell put all his qualification and experience for the group, and therefore the team could enjoy the assistance of a nearly professional waterboy from the side of the pitch.
Chapter Three: 2pm
Kick-off was given by PEB (good old Paul-Émile Bernard) at exactly 2pm in Stuttgart. It’s under nearly perfect conditions that the game began: 14.3 °C with a 7mph South-East – East Wind and 62% humidity.
Immediately, Stuttgart got hands on the ball, and didn’t spill it away. Patient, they began to build some little heaps. Rock after rock, pile after pile, they could gain some terrain bringing the leather near the entrance of MRFC’s 22. Still sleepy from the journey, MRFC gave Stuttgart a penalty after a generosity offside. The home team didn’t spill that occasion to open the meter and score the first three points of a long game.
Chapter Four: Some minutes later…
We didn’t have to wait long in the game to see to flies changing to the other donkey. Indeed, after a properly dominated scrum on Stuttgart’s 5-meters line, Ramathan Govule took the ball in position number 8, and saying briefly “hello” to his opponent waiting on the try line could score down the first points of MRFC. Still setting up his foot, Fred “Yonel” Bégard managed to fail his first kick of the season putting MRFC with a short 3-5 advance.
MRFC didn’t rest on their laurels after this try, and took assault of Stuttgart’s wall again and again. Soon after they were hammering Stuttgart’s last defense lines, and during that intense phase of battle, on a tackle an opponent’s arm slightly slept and end up encountering the throat of one of our warriors, giving a penalty try for Munich, fortunately preventing Bégard to have to face the posts again. MRFC still took 7 points and saw their lead increase to 12-3 after a handful a minutes in the game.
Dominating the closed scrum, our forwards could win some precious balls, and repeating a previous scheme seeing Ramathan Govule reaching kings row after a scrum on the 5-meter line. Now warmed-up Federico Bégards could add 2 points to the bill with a neat conversion way out of the centre.
Feeling suspense was going away in this game, the Blues let their guard down for a bit, and Stuttgart didn’t miss an occasion to score their first try on a line-out near MRFC line, closing the gap to 8-19.
Already, Mariano Tano stabbed the receiving team in the back when he scored before half-time a good old fashioned forward try, taking the ball doing the wild boar and tearing everything on the passage. Fred comfortably passed the conversion setting the half-time stand to 8-26.
Chapter Five: The hut fell down on the dog…
Coming back from the changing room, Hugo Bollaert “Goldfingers” could play a proper two on one delivering a piece of jewelry on a nice chistole to his partner in crime Ramathan Govule, who, playing with the sideline, achieved to go over the line and add 7 more points after conversion, letting little chance to Stuttgart to stick again to the scoreboard.
But as expected, Stuttgart’s warriors fought till the end and scored again 7 points on a penalty try. For some moral code reasons, we won’t judge someone in particular for this fault, because it is not our role, as sport reporters to reveal that number 15 Alex Schranz did a tackle a bit too high according to the referee.
The end of the game saw Munich score twice. First on another penalty try and then again by Ramathan Govule. Finally on the last action of the game, MRFC gave away a try to Stuttgart.
Chapter 6: 22-47
A victorious team could return to Munich and celebrate the victory in the Keg bar with the second team also victorious on the same day.
Last Chapter: Two weeks later…
On 17.11.2018 MRFC will receive his next opponent in Großhadern: Heidelberger TV.
To be followed…

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Karl Wolf
2. Adrian Schiller
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Sean Birkett
5. Mariano Francolino
6. Miguel Hernandez
7. Hugo Boddaert
8. Ramathan Govoule
9. Antoine Miguet (Capt.)
10. Paul Emile Bernard
11. Robin Compeyron
12. Raul Barron
13. Frederic Begards
14. Adam Popperwell (ab 3.min Carlos Prieto)
15. Alexandre Schranz

Versuche: Ramathan Govoule 4x, Mariano Francolino, Penaltytry 2x
Erhöhungen: Frederic Begards 4x