2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 17. November 2018, Bericht: Paul Bernard

München RFC : Heidelberger TV
25 : 18

Despite the beautiful blue sky that scares so many of the English, nobody was here for fun. More than a critical game for the team, it was also the last for several players such as our captain Antoine Miguet.
it was a Perfect start for the MRFC (Nice kick off Fred!), with a wonderful move of our number 8 who broke through the entire defense, Ramathan scored the first try of the afternoon (he played with his heart). « Since the beginning » MRFC had kept a tight reign on the game. Due to that, attacks and breaks had come one after the other until Rama’s one. After a turnover in our fourty, Rama got the ball in the 22 of our opponents and « this time » he decided to « eat the paper » and lost the ball. However, MRFC maintained the pressure and after a great maul Antoine Miguet (o’Captain my captain) scored the second try. This try should remind him his true place. After two tries, our boys foresaw a very easy game. Nevertheless, the 15 of Heidelberger brought back our team to reality. After a kick from our 22, the 15 broke through our line and scored the only try of the visitors (12-5). The legend says that the grounds keeper is still looking for Robin’s ankles… However, in spite of his desability, Robin scored the third try after a great move of the team (20-8). Spectators could enjoy great moves from different sports such as NFL tricks with Schranz’ s spinning-top, or football simulation with Bernard.
During the second half, visitors put MRFC under pressure with 1 drop goal. Despite another try from Hugo, Heidelberger caught up with us (25-18), monopolised the ball and MRFC had to defend. During this stressful span, spectators enjoyed a dramatic tackle from Schiller and a good team defense. Last line out for the visitors, the ref claimed : « last action », Hugo caught the ball, Antoine kicked the ball out… an epitome of French flair ! Oh Wait, it was not « last action » but « last minute », thanks Antoine for showing to everybody the real definition of French flair ! After a last fraught minute, the ref finally whistled the end of the game. MRFC won !

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Quentin Degroote (ab 60.min Sergio Delgado)
2. Jose Martin (ab 65.min Joshua Kritzer)
3. Adrian Schiller
4. Sean Birkett
5. Michael Dobson (ab 65.min Owain Williams)
6. Miguel Hernandez
7. Hugo Boddaert
8. Ramathan Govoule
9. Antoine Miguet (Capt.)
10. Frederic Begards
11. Robin Compeyron
12. Shaun o´Donoghue
13. Paul Emile Bernard
14. Guillaume Brouet (ab 55.min Frederico Thiele)
15. Alexandre Schranz (ab 55.min Chris Hetherton)

Versuche: Ramathan Govoule, Antoine Miguet, Robin Compeyron, Hugo Boddaert
Erhöhungen: Frederic Begards
Penalty: Frederic Begards