Frauen Snowrugbyturnier in Tarvisio (Italien)
Samstag 13.01. und Sonntag 14.01. Bericht: Zoe Chiaoto

A total of 22 girls participated at the 6th edition of the snow rugby 5s tournament in Tarvisio (ITA). The theme of the tournament was ‘Superheroes’ and so the MRFC Ladies decided to become the Thorettes – the female version of Thor, the God of Thunder and Lightning! As winners of the 2017 edition, KiT Teamwear sponsored us one set of jerseys with an amazing Thor-like design. Thank you very much! The aim was to defend the 2017 title and the chances were doubled due to the sign-up of two MRFC teams: the MRFC Thorettes and the Oktoberfest 7s Thorettes. What no one expected is that both teams made it to the final, which the MRFC Thorettes won by a heartbeat in overtime.

In the final both teams started like a bullet, neither wanted to lose to the other. Who thought the MRFC teammates were going to go easy on each other was definitely proven wrong. It was the most entertaining and intense game of the whole female tournament, seeing as the MRFC Ladies had won all of their previous games quite comfortably. Quickly, the Oktoberfest 7s Thorettes opened the scoreboard with Claudia Redon blasting over the tryline, just to have the MRFC Thorettes equalise seconds after with Florence Djinadou pumping over the line – 1:1. Both teams had breaks that were stopped shortly before the tryline by exemplary defensive work from each side. Zoë Vallinga from the MRFC Thorettes finally managed to break through and score, but the first half ended 2:2 with a try in the corner by Oktoberfest 7s Thorettes’ Karin Knigge just before the whistle. The second half was the practically the same scenario, a lot of fighting, great tackles, but with time legs were starting to get weak and exhaustion started creeping in. The MRFC Thorettes were in luck that Florence Djinadou seemed to still have some energy reserves left as she managed to score again this time with 3 defenders on her back. Again, the response of the Oktoberfest 7s Thorettes was imminent and so Claudia Rendon sneaked her way over the tryline after a missed tackle. Victoria Flint managed to get the MRFC Thorettes in front again after a nice run on the snow – 4:3, but unfortunately/fortunately Ana Masa equalized the game seconds before the end – 4:4. So the final was going into sudden death overtime. The MRFC Thorettes won the coin toss and started ball in hand. From the kick-off Zoé Chioato looped around Kirsty Exley, used the overlap to bind the last defender and passed the ball to Zoë Vallinga on the wing who scored. The game was over and everyone started celebrating together.
Both teams had girls that were new to snow rugby and the second team even had 3 girls that played their first rugby tournament. In total 18/20 MRFC players scored tries and it was amazing to see how quickly everyone adapted to the specific snow rugby rules, the icy ball and the snowy playing ground. This has been a great experience and we want to thank everyone who made this possible, we are truly grateful.
A big thank you goes out to Dénes Antal, the only man at the hen party, our physio with magic hands who helped us immensely during this tiring two-day tournament!

MRFC Thorettes vs. Team Aqua (AUT/SL) 8:4
MRFC Thorettes vs. Gipsi Prato (ITA) 10:3
MRFC Thorettes vs. Laidos Fogliano (ITA) 14:2
Semifinal: MRFC Thorettes vs. Mladost (CZ) 6:1

Oktoberfest 7s Thorettes vs. Team Rocket (AUT/SL) 8:3
Oktoberfest 7s Thorettes vs.Valchirie (ITA) 8:6
Oktoberfest 7s Thorettes vs. Mladost (CZ) 9:5
Semifinal: Oktoberfest 7s Thorettess vs. Team Rocket (AUT/SL) 6.2

Final: MRFC Thorettes vs. Oktoberfest 7s Thorettes 5:4 (sudden death)

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC Throettes:
Chioato Zoé, Dablander Andrea, Djinadou Florence, Exlex Kirsty, Fiaz Andrea, Flint Victoria, Jakab Zsuzsanna, Semedo Elisa (Capt.), Steyer Lisa, Vallinga Zoë

Mannschaftsaufstellung Oktoberfest 7s Throettes:
Goldmann Lisa, Knigge Karin, Liebe Alicia (Capt.), Liebsch Juliette, Masa Ana, Mayoral Sara, Rendon Claudia, Schätzl Anna, Springl Regina, Stadler Antonia, Jaksch Désirée