Frauen Freundschaftsspiel in Zagreb (Kroatien)
Samstag 10.03, Bericht: Zoe Chiaoto


On Friday, March 10th, 2018 the MRFC Ladies travelled with the MRFC Men to Zagreb, Croatia in order to play a friendly 7s tournament with Ženski Akademski Ragbi Klub Mladost and Ženski Akademski Ragbi Klub Zagreb. The trip gave a unique opportunity to both the Men’s and Ladies team to bond together and support one another on and off the pitch. This friendly tournament will also be remembered forever by 4 of the players who played their first 7s game! In order to prepare for the weekend in Zagreb, the MRFC Ladies needed to initiate these 4 new players into the game plan.

München RFC : Mladost Zagreb
14 : 22

MRFC Ladies played their first game against Mladost on a cool but bright spring morning. The MRFC Ladies had played Mladost during snow rugby 2018 (winning both games 6:1 and 9:5). But this time the teams would face off with perfect rugby conditions: in the sun, slightly muddy and without the snow!
The MRFC Ladies were pumped to play but were too slow at shifting the defensive line and were unable to make important tackles. Elisa Semedo was able to quickly sprint through the Mladost defensive line and break tackles. Zsuzsanna Jakab was also able to break through the defensive line with her ankle-breaking dummy passes to score a try.
The MRFC Ladies wanted to show that they were as strong in 7s as they are in the Snow form of the game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be against a strong team with home advantage.

Tries: Zsuzsanna Jakab, Elisa Semedo
Conversions: Zsuzsanna Jakab 2x

München RFC : RC Zagreb
20 : 10

After the loss from the first game, the MRFC Ladies did not want to go home empty handed. It seemed the ladies had now shaken off the 11 hour Friday evening bus journey and started the game flying. RC Zagreb proved to be tough opponents that were able to offload very successfully. The MRFC Ladies needed to not only learn from their mistakes and improve the defensive line, but also needed to make tackles that prevented offloads. Similar to the first game, Zsuzsanna Jakab and Elisa Semedo knew exactly how to get around the Zagreb Ladies, with speed and smart routes. Elena Marcolongo had an amazing run after receiving the ball on the wing and scoring her first try for the last play of the game! Victoria Flint was key to the victory with her leadership both on and off the pitch.

Tries: Zsuzsanna Jakab, Elisa Semedo (2x), Elena Marcolongo

Honorable mention goes to Viviane Bunn making her tackles, to Joanna Flisak for breaking through tackles and offloading successfully, and to Regina Springl for bulldozing through the defensive line multiple times! A very impressive performance on and off the pitch.

After the tournament Coach Scott Warner commented ‘The Ladies showed complete commitment to each other and did everything they could to win. After a slow start they displayed great character to pick themselves up and work even harder in the 2nd game. The level of comradery within the squad is excellent with a great balance of youth and experience. This preseason tour was perfect preparation for a long and successful season. Everyone is excited to see how far this group of players can go.’

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Viviane Bunn, Florence Djinadou, Victoria Flint, Joanna Flisak, Zsuzsanna Jakab (VC), Elena Marcolongo, Sara Mayoral, Elisa Semedo (C), Regina Springl, Lisa Steyer,

Coach: Scott Warner and Alan Moughty
Tournament Support:
Damaris Gelcz, Zoë Mannhardt