Frauen Deutsche 7er Liga Süd in München Freimann
Samstag, 24. März 2018, Bericht: Zoe Chiaoto


After the cancellation of the tournament in the beginning of march and the almost cancellation of this one, the “first” tournament of 2018 was finally upon us! We were eager to finally get to play. Unfortunately, the winter months had left us with a bunch of injuries, sick and/or unavailable players. So only 10 players - most of them either new to rugby or very old and back from retirement - made the “long” journey to the Studentenstadt.

München RFC : RFC Augsburg
24 : 5

The MRFC Ladies started off very chaotic in defence and in attack, mostly due to the fact, that a bunch of people played together for the very first time. Augsburg was chaotic as well and didn’t capitalise on our late rucking support or halfhearted tackling. It was a balanced game, with MRFC a bit more on the front foot as Julika Ashworth powered through defenders and offloaded effectively to teammates. It was finally Zoé Chioato who managed to score two tries in the first half, assists being from Victoria Flint and Emmie van Oirschot. Two changes were made at halftime with Lisa Goldmann coming in for Audrey Collin and Zsuzsanna Jakab for Zoé Chioato. It was Zsuszanna Jakab who took over the responsibility of scoring two more tries for MRFC. Special mention goes out to PROP! Lisa Goldmann who chased winger Zoë Mannhardt from Augsburg all the way down the pitch to prevent an Augsburg try. I guess there must have been beer somewhere behind the MRFC tryline. :)

München RFC : Würzburger RK
0 : 26

The second game of the day was going to be the most important one! A win would secure the place in the weaker semifinal. The MRFC Ladies had never lost to Würzburg before, but a very poor display of rugby made it happen. Tackling was mediocre at best and the willingness to win was not present which resulted in a 00:26 loss.

München RFC : RC Stusta München
0 : 46

The previous loss meant that we had to play the Stusta Ladies in the semifinal. Even though the game was more structured, we didn’t manage to win or put Stusta under any kind of pressure.

München RFC : TUS Fürstenfeldbruck
26 : 0

Finally, we work up for the last game of the day. In order to secure the third place overall, structure was the key to our win. We played patiently and Lisa Goldmann, Zoé Chioato scored in the first half and Céline Calvo twice in the second half. We were dominant over Fürstenfeldbruck and won back every single scrum. Still, we were late in rucks again, Fürstenfeldbruck was luckily not clever enough to capitalise from it.

All in all the day didn’t go as planned, due to all the injuries and unavailabilities that continue to haunt us this season. In order to qualify for the German Championship we need to come in second at least. Würzburg now has a 2 point lead as we go into tournament number 4/6 on the 7th april in Augsburg. 3rd place is the minimum we had to achieve and with the team we had, it’s a good result. Emmie van Oirschot, Joanna Flisak and Julika Ashwort played their first league rugby tournament with us and did very well. Emmie van Oirschot secured the ball effectively, Joanna had some strong runs with the ball and Julika Ashworth beat many defenders and did some strong offloads. Thank you everyone that came out to support us. Special thank you to Steve Harries for coaching and your kind words, Adam Popperwell for the Warm-Up help and everyone else involved.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Ashworth Julika, Calvo Céline, Chioato Zoé, Collin Audrey, Djinadou Florence, Flint Victoria, Flisak Joanna, Goldmann Lisa, Jakab Zsuzsanna (Capt.), van Oirschot Emmie

Player of the day: Zoé Chioato
Hammer of the day: Victoria Flint
Bitch of the pitch: Brian Kikawa, for arriving very late!