Frauen Deutsche 7er Liga Süd in Augsburg
Samstag, 07. April 2018, Bericht: Carlotta Ludwig und Lisa Steyer


Last Saturday a motivated squad of 11 MRFC Ladies, their coach Stephanie Mues (who just arrived back from a four-month trip around the world) and five supporters made their way to Augsburg, to participate in the Bavarian league tournament there.

München RFC : FC Eintracht Bamberg
32 : 0

In the first game the girls showed good pressure in defense and counter rucking skills. Nevertheless in attack their support was often too slow, breakthroughs that could have ended in a try got stopped beforehand.
In the second half they focused on improving their support play and managed to keep the ball alive by passing, offloading from the ground and moving it from one side to the other. With a comfortable win on their hands the MRFC ladies went straight through to the semifinals.
Tries: Kirsty Exley, Lisa Steyer 3x, Florence Djinadou, Karin Knigge
Conversions: Victoria Flint 2x, Audrey Collin

München RFC : Würzburger RK
0 : 24

The second game was to decide who finishes first in their pool. With Würzburg being a very fast team, they knew that fitness and good defense were key factors to win this match. Unfortunately some missed tackles, again too slow support play, weak rucks and a lack of communication let to a result that doesn’t reflect the effort the players were putting in this game. This meant the MRFC girls had to play their semifinal against StuSta Black, who had finished first in their pool.

München RFC : RC Stusta München
0 : 41

Against a strong StuSta side, the mistakes the girls kept doing were punished straight away. A lot of diagonal running of the MRFC girls instead of attacking the line gave StuSta the chance to take all space away with their rush defense. Too slow ruck support invited them to contest the rucks or to go for the ball. Hence this match was lost by a margin. On the positive side this game made very clear in which areas the girls need to improve the most and the team is determined to work on these.

München RFC : TUS Fürstenfeldbruck
5 : 12

The last game for third place promised to be a mind game. Which of the two sides manages to get their act together after a lost semifinal? 
It was certainly a tough one for the MRFC Ladies; it was very visible they gave everything to stop Fürstenfeldbruck from scoring. At parts there was very strong support, but eventually tiredness (due to heat/ lack of fitness) was kicking in. Shifting was slowing down which left them outnumbered on the wing. In the end they lost this game by one try.
Try: Barbara Lesbegueries

Our thanks go to Rugby Football Club Augsburg, who hosted a ladies tournament for the first time and did a fantastic job! Although we’re not happy with our results we had a great time at your pitch.
We’re also very happy to have our coach Stephanie Mues is back. With her help we will tackle our weaknesses to come back stronger at the next tournament in Nürnberg!

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Collin Audrey, Djinadou Florence, Exley Kirsty, Flint Victoria (Capt.), Flisak Joanna, Goldmann Lisa, Knigge Karin, Lesbegueries Barbara, Marcolongo Elena, Schätzl Anna, Lisa Steyer