Frauen Deutsche 7er Liga Süd in Regensburg
Sonntag, 6. Mai 2018, Bericht: Emmie van Oirschot


In preparing for the last game of the season, the MRFC Ladies had trained with extra dedication to secure the third place in the league. Not only did they want to end the season on a positive note, the girls also wanted to lay the groundworks for a good start of next season. With special guest Steve Harris supporting, the motivated team travelled to Regensburg.

München RFC : TUS Fürstenfeldbruck
38 : 7

In the first game of the day, the MRFC Ladies displayed all their skills: outstanding teamwork, nice passes and a good defence. Using these skills, the team created many opportunities, leaving little room for the girls from Fürstenfeldbruck. This led to three tries in the first half, followed by another three tries in the second half. Only at the very end, when fatigue struck, did the Ladies allow the opposing team to score a single try.
Tries: Karin Knigge, Aneesa Fiaz, Dorothée Mues, Lisa Steyer 2x, Kirsty Exley
Conversions: Zsuzsanna Jakab 4x

München RFC : SG RC Unterföhring/RFC Bad Reichenhall
: 0

After the successful first match, the MRFC squad were very eager to display their skills a second time. With team mate Elena Marcolongo substituting in the Unterföhring team, there were MRFC Ladies on both sides of the pitch.
Through great running and evasive moves, Lisa Steyer was able to score the first try. Another memorable try was scored by Julika Ashworth, who secured her first points for MRFC. In the second half, the girls continued to put pressure on the opponents, leading to another two tries and no counter scores.
Tries: Lisa Steyer 2x, Julika Ashworth, Barbara Lesbegueries
Conversions: Zsuzsanna Jakab 2x

München RFC : Würzburger RK
: 33

After 3 wins, the team were motivated to win a place in the final. The girls were able to put the ladies from Würzburg under a lot of pressure, but a few missed tackles led to two opposing tries. In the second half, both teams fought very hard to secure the win. Thanks to good teamwork and swift passes, the MRFC Ladies were able to score two deserved tries. However, the opponents succeeded in breaking the defence line on the flanks, resulting in a 14:33 loss.
Tries: Kirsty Exley, Zsuzsanna Jakab
Conversions: Zsuzsanna Jakab 2x

München RFC : TSV 1846 Nürnberg
: 10

In the third game, the MRFC Ladies had to work hard to play according to their own plan. They were tempted to following the team from Nürnberg in messy offloads and chaotic play. In a tremendous effort to prevent Nürnberg from scoring, Karin Knigge chased an opponent down the pitch and eventually managed to demonstrate her tackling skills, only to see Nürnberg score thanks to a successful offload. With only a few minutes left on the clock, and the referee not counting the conversion of the first try, the standing was 10:10. Perseverance and smart game play led to a final MRFC try, securing the third win of the day.
Tries: Lisa Steyer 2x, Zsuzsanna Jakab
Conversion: Zsuzsanna Jakab

München RFC : TUS Fürstenfeldbruck
21 : 5

The fifth and final game of the day. MRFC Ladies worked together and made clear they deserve the third place in the league. Although sharpness was missing in the first few minutes, leading to the opponents scoring, the girls were never really in trouble. Great passes, runs and tactics led to three tries, which were all converted by Zsuzsanna Jakab. The score would have been higher, had the small size of the Regensburg pitch not led to Zoé Chioato ‘scoring’ behind the dead ball line.
Tries: Dorothée Mues, Julika Ashworth 2x
Conversions: Zsuzsanna Jakab 3x

All in all, the MRFC Ladies look back on the day with pride. The recent hard work at training paid off and the girls are motivated to continue on approving over summer.

Player of the Day: Ashworth Julika
Hammer of the Day: Knigge Karin

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Ashworth Julika, Chioato Zoé (Capt.), Exley Kirsty, Fiaz Aneesa, Flisak Joanna, Goldmann Lisa, Jakab Zsuzsanna, Knigge Karin, Lesbegueries Barbara, Mues Dorothée, Steyer Lisa, Van Oirschot Emmie